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Obsessed: Lydia Osolinsky’s Long-term Love For Glimmersticks Eye Liner

Obsessed: Lydia Osolinsky’s Long-term Love For Glimmersticks Eye Liner

Woman with red hair smilingThe Obsessed series is a monthly ode to a can’t-live-without-it Avon product, passionately penned by a Representative. For our latest love affair, we turn to Lydia Osolinsky, a Senior Executive Leader and makeup fanatic in San Jose, California.

Love is a beautiful thing — all different kinds of love, really. New love is wonderful. It’s exciting and surprising, and it makes your heart patter. But old love, old love is the best kind. It’s a long-term, tried-and-true connection. It’s dependable and reliable. It’s matured and grown with you. It makes you who you are, and in those moments when you forget, it reminds you. I’m in this kind of love. I’m in a very serious, committed relationship… and it’s with Avon’s Glimmersticks Eye Liner.

My love for eyeliner started well before I discovered my one and only. I’ve been wearing it for most of my adult life, so I’ve tried a lot of different products. But it wasn’t until I discovered the staying power of Glimmersticks that I fell head over heels. Like most relationships, we had a few problems at first. My eyelids are a bit hooded, so most eyeliners have a tendency to stamp onto my lid and my ex-eyeliners always seemed to stray. My ex-eyeliners always seemed to let my facial structure trump their “long-lasting” qualities. But when I discovered Glimmersticks Eye Liner, I could tell it was something different. It was something that was going to be great — an intense, no-smudge, no-fade companion. It literally melts when it touches your skin — almost therapeutic, in a way. And over the last few years of getting to know each other, I’ve been finding new looks to keep the relationship fresh.

I have two babies — a 4-year-old and a 5-month old. Needless to say, sleep is scarce in our household. And for this, my eyeliner is a godsend. It makes me look awake and refreshed. It brings out my best features and makes my baby blue eyes sparkle.

And speaking of sparkle… I recently wore it in Hollywood. It was my first trip as a Senior Executive Leader with Avon. I was being recognized on stage, and I knew that my eyeliner was going up there with me. I needed that extra bit of confidence this product gives me. I needed that support. And above all, I needed a killer cat eye look to complement my floor-length black gown.

It is bold. It is glamorous. And that’s how I try to live my life everyday — as a strong, confident woman. Glimmersticks Eye Liner is a great partner in this sense, because it allows me to be the woman I’m meant to be, day in and day out.

– Lydia Osolinksy
Avon Representative
San Jose, California

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