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  The Getting Started Kit is temporarily out of stock. We hope to have it available again soon! In the meantime, please download. We apologize for the inconvenience.
Getting Started Kit
Become a major fund-raising force in your area with this self-training guide. It includes everything you need to get started - a Getting Started Booklet to get an overview of how easy it is to plan an Avon Fund-Raiser with forms as masters to photo copy for your presentations, as needed. What a great way to add a new dimension to your business! You can view the information from the Getting Started Kit by going to About Fundraising.
Download Instruction Sheet PDF file
Download Getting Started Kit PDF file
Pack of 25 envelopes. $3.00


National C12-C18, 2015 (TS C14-C20, 2015)*
Fundraising Booklet
Personalized packs of 25
Generic packs of 25
Download PDF file

Note: Please be sure you are satisfied with the choices you have made for your flyers. No credit will be issued once the flyers have been printed, however requests for replacements will be honored for damaged and/or undelivered orders.

* In the case of unforeseen demand, product assortment may vary.

Once the organization agrees to hold an Avon Fund-Raiser, you can order participants' materials. Flyers can be downloaded or packs of 25 can be purchased. Consider ordering extra flyers in case the organization has more participants than expected.

Downloading Flyers
Fund-Raising at Avon can net you BIG Rewards! Some of the benefits for Fundraising Representatives include increased earnings and more customers, as well as prizes and awards through President’s Club Achievement.

Ordering Flyers
If you choose to order your flyers, you have the option to purchase generic (no personalization) or personalized with your name and the organization’s name.

Generic (no personalization) - $15.97 per pack of 25 plus instruction sheet
Personalized - $18.47 per pack of 25 plus instruction sheet

Paper (Ordered flyers only)
4-color, glossy
80 lb. wt.
8 ¼” x 10 7/8”

Please allow 7-10 days for receipt of order. There is no charge for shipping.

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