Morning Aura Bottle Cleaner

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  • Description
    No scrubbing necessary! These effervescent cleaning tablets break down and remove tough-to-reach buildup and stains from water bottles, coffee makers, carafes, tea kettles, thermoses and more! Convenient and easy-to-use, odor-boosting and super cleaning! Just add water, drop in a tablet and watch it go to work. Pack of 12 tablets.


    • Cleans away stains and buildup you can’t reach or see
    • Removes odors
    • No scrubbing needed
    • Let sit and rinse
    • Pack of 12 tablets

    TO USE
    Fill container with water and add one tablet.
    Attach “Cleaning in Progress Sticker” and let sit 1 to 2 hours.
    Empty and rinse container.

    WARNING: Liquid in bottle during cleaning process is harmful if swallowed. Use sticker provided and keep out of reach of children.