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Unboxing Avon: Beauty Packaging Throughout the Years


Jul 29, 2021

Forget the saying that good things come in small packages—good things come in pretty packages. That’s especially true when it comes to beauty. Before spritzing on a delightful scent or applying a deluxe night cream, the attractive exterior draws you in. (In fact, studies have shown that a third of customers make a decision on their purchase based on a product’s appearance.)

Since its inception, Avon has excelled at creating eye-catching packaging that’s just as engrossing as the groundbreaking products inside. Below, take a look back and uncover 130 years of intriguing designs.

1890s: Simple Elegance

Charming and pretty, this Shampoo Cream oozed with late 19th-century elegance.

1900s: Beautifully Refined

The lovely purple petals adorning this Violet Water bottle embodied femininity and grace.

1920s: Ravishing Vanities

The striking contrast between hot pink and bright orange undoubtedly made this Dresser Vanity Set a standout in powder rooms and boudoirs.

1930s: Pretty Playful

Avon didn’t leave out little ones when creating attention-grabbing packaging. This sweet and cheerful sweet and cheerful kid-friendly gift box was perfect for tots of the time.

1940s: Smelling the Roses

Avon’s packaging for Toilet Water and Body Powder were coming up roses, thanks to these chic floral motifs.

1950s: All in the Details

Gold trim and intricate details added polish and glamour to a regal-looking jar of Persian Wood Beauty Dust.

1960s: Scent-sationally Handsome

Women’s products weren’t the only ones with alluring packaging. This handsomely designed Regence Cologne Mist for men sat stately and masculine.

1970s: Cool and Carefree

The electrifying neon “Crystal Lights” emblazoned on this lipstick box exemplified the fast and flashy era of the 1970s.

1980s: Sleek Sophistication

Silver and gold bursts sprinkled across Sequins & Satin lip color carton made a bold statement.

1990s: Minimalistic Elegance

The understated design of Lighten Up Under-Eye Treatment was a prime example of the modern, minimalistic feel of the 1990s.

2000s: Unending Creativity

The ultra-chic and modern shape of the Avon Attraction for Her Eau de Parfum Spray showcases the creativity and dedication Avon continuously puts into its packaging.

2020-Present: Sustainable and Fun

In 2020 we launched Green Goddess Facial Oil, which not only contains sustainably sourced THC-free CBD, but is also designed with sustainable packaging. It comes in a glass bottle (making it easy to reuse) and a box composed of recycled materials. The same year, we launched a fan-favorite product in fun, limited-edition packaging in honor of belif’s one-year anniversary at Avon. We packaged belif The True Cream Aqua Bomb in pretty pink packaging inspired by a birthday cake to celebrate the milestone.

In 2021, we launched Farm Rx skin care, our first collection of sustainably packaged products. Each formula comes in a responsibly sourced FSC-certified carton and a recyclable glass bottle.

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