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Sell Avon During Holidays To Earn Extra $


Dec 9, 2021
With the increasing popularity of influencers and brand ambassadors, joining Avon during the holidays gives you a chance to share favorite products like gift guides with your friends and family on social platforms like Instagram, Facebook and Tik Tok! All you have to do is just share why and how you use your favorite Avon product in your life. Have fun creating videos and photos to show your creative side. Plus, when you are an Avon Representative you get earnings of 25% on beauty products that you sell or 25% savings when you shop for yourself on orders $40+. It’s the perfect season to share your online store where your customers can shop directly on your free online store with options to personalize even further. Avon launches new limited-edition holiday items every year that will compliment your home and perfect gifts for anyone on your list.
How much does it cost to sign up?
With new options to sign up, Avon has given you the flexibility on how you want to start your Avon journey. For a limited time, there is no cost to sign up to sell Avon! How great is that? We know that starting your Avon Jjourney can be daunting so with a $0 sign up option, this is a great way to try Avon!

You can also decide to contribute $5 or more to American Cancer Society and get straight into fundraising for your favorite organization as you start your Avon business. If you know someone you’d like to have as a mentor and guide you through your Avon journey, be sure to connect with that Representative when you sign up.
When I sign up with Avon, What do I get?
Kits are available to purchase for $30 when you sign up, be sure to select the collection to help you get started. There are no kits or books when you sign up through the $0 sign up or the contribution to American Cancer Society, instead you can browse or share through the latest and free Digital Catalog. The Avon Digital Catalog is an interactive book that delivers a new experience with beautiful videos, Virtual Try-on Tool and sharing capabilities. You can even customize it for your special customers. When you sign up with Avon, your online store link is ready to use and share! There is free training in Avon U to get you started as soon as you sign up to become an Avon Representative. Interested in becoming the next Skin Care guru? Find the best training that makes the most sense for you. With Avon continually bringing out the latest and innovative products, you’ll want to stay on top of trends and see what Avon has for you and your potential customers.

Is there a minimum order or amount I need to place to be an Avon Representative?
There is no minimum amount or order that needs to be placed as an Avon Representative. If you want to join Avon to shop and save during the holidays, you can easily do that! Or if you want to explore becoming a content creator and a rising influencer, you can do that too! Share your online store link and customers can easily shop while you earn 25% on beauty orders of $40+!
Learn more about becoming an Avon Representative today.