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Celebrating Super Moms


May 4, 2022
This Mother’s Day, we wanted to honor some super moms, as we have many on our Avon team. These working moms from our Working Moms Network share their tips on juggling work with motherhood and how they make it all work. We are honored to have them on our team.
Lori | Senior Manager of Events & Recognition
What are your favorite activities to do with your kid(s)?
We listen to Jack Johnson in my son’s room while he plays and it is just such a chill, happy vibe that even our dog loves to join. Those small moments feel the most special, like we’re in a happy cocoon. And while he’s this young (8 months old), you can notice changes in his development every day through simple play.

What tips would you share on transitioning back to work as a new mom?
Heading into my maternity leave, I was unsure if I would take advantage of the phase back option Avon offers. My initial thought was “after being out for so long, will I really want to start with only a few days a week? What will my team think? They’ll have been carrying the load and I’m sure they will be more than ready to hand it back over.”

My friend and coworker, Christina, gave me the best advice that phase back is a tool to help you get your feet under you and it helps your team establish realistic expectations of what your reentry will look like. Do yourself a favor and avoid trying to drink through the fire hose, at the risk of overpromising and underdelivering. Consider your baby as well, phasing back gives them time to get used to this big step. And depending on how your weeks fall, your baby may have doctors’ appointments happening right around your return to work. So you’ll need a day here or there.
Jessica | Account Executive
What tips can you share on balancing between work and parenting?
Separate the two when you can. Easier said than done, but try to unplug when you’re with your children. When my son gets home for the day I try my best to really be present for him without work interruptions. They are only young once, so cherish every moment.
Cris | Apparel & Accessories Planner
What’s your superpower as a mom?
The ability to conquer multiple tasks at once with minimal sleep. Being a mom of two has forced me to quickly acquire the ability to dress, feed & entertain. All while being a productive human (ie: working, running errands, cooking, and maintaining a semi-clean house, etc). The fact that I wake up every day, to take on the craziness is beyond me.

What tips would you share on transitioning back to work as a new mom?
Find time to meditate. Times have changed and we’re all learning to co-exist with Covid. With that, brings new worries—what can I do to keep my family safe? Will I be inviting the virus into my home if I must commute to work? What happens if one of us gets sick? Is it safe for my newborn to co-mingle with others outside of the household? These were some of my fears which turned into anxiety when having to transition back to work. To help cope with my anxiety, I began meditating. It helped to bring me to an emotionally calm state, and focus on what mattered the most.
Kathryn | Asst. Brand Manager - Fashion, Jewelry & Home
What are your favorite activities to do with your kid(s)? 
Travelling and cooking. Both are extreme tests of patience and planning, but the payoffs are huge. We were lucky enough to go to the Philippines (where I was born) right before the pandemic and it was the most amazing time. When travelling, I think that you get to see how kids react to new situations and people. You can see how the everyday work you put in as a parent shines through. On that trip, my girls were so happy and curious... and polite (phew)! Seeing them be themselves and remember the things you try and instill in them each day—it's the best feeling.

What tips would you share on transitioning back to work as a new mom?
Try to be easy on yourself. I remember feeling like I was just doing everything badly - my time was split into a thousand needs and thoughts. The list of things I needed to do got longer and longer.  Also, I had SO little sleep. Not everything will be perfect and that's ok. Communicating what you can and can't do I think is also important—it's ok to ask for help from a partner or friend, if at work getting clarification on a timeline or asking for more time....if you don't say that you need help, people won't know what you need to succeed. I've not always been lucky enough to have a supportive work environment as a mother. It's one of the aspects about working at Avon that I really appreciate—being in a work environment with supportive, understanding colleagues (who are a mix of mothers and non-mothers!) has been key to my being able to be even considered as a Supermom! It truly does takes a village.
Sarah | Director of Distribution

What tips would you share on transitioning back to work as a new mom?
Transitioning back to work and having to take your child to daycare is a hard transition. To make it a little easier for both of us, I started Lincoln in daycare about two weeks before I actually had to go back to work.  This way, I was able to take him in for a few hours each day and increase the time as we got closer to my return to work date. This eased the transition for him and me and I wasn’t a total wreck my first day back. I also took advantage of days that I didn’t have late meetings to leave a little early to go pick up my little man and spend a bit more time with him.