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New Avon Digital Brochure


Jun 8, 2022
In 2020, Avon launched a Digital Catalog providing an interactive and streamlined way to view the catalog. To continue that path, the new Avon Digital Brochure has been updated with a new simple PDF format that’s easily shoppable, shareable, downloadable and mobile-friendly! Shopping at Avon has never been easier! A new Avon Brochure comes out every two weeks. The Avon Digital Brochure is free too! You can view it anytime at your own convenience. When you place an order online, customers receive a free printed version of the Avon Brochure with their shipment – they can also opt out of receiving it.

New Avon Digital Brochure Simple Click-and-Shop Format 
With Avon’s new shoppable brochure, you can easily add products to your shopping cart with just one click – look for the pink shopping bag icon on each page. 

Easy To Use Online Avon Digital Brochure
Clickable arrows help guide you from page to page. Looking for a specific product? Use the table of contents to jump to a specific section or enter a term in our search tool – just look for the search icon in the upper-righthand corner within the Avon Digital Brochure.

Check Out the Avon Digital Brochure

Virtual Try-On Tool

Look for camera icons to use the Try-On Tool for makeup. Simply upload a picture of yourself or go live and experiment with different products and shades. It’s the latest, most effective way to try before you buy.

Video Tutorials

Look for video icons throughout the Digital Brochure to learn more about our products and view easy-to-follow how-to tutorials. 

How To Share the Avon Digital Brochure With Friends

Icons at the bottom of the Digital Brochure allow you to easily share via Facebook, Twitter or email. You can even download the Avon Digital Brochure by using the downwards arrow at the top of the brochure.

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