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Carlos and Milagros Garcia’s #BeautyBoss Story

Carlos and Milagros Garcia’s #BeautyBoss Story

You would probably want to salute Milagros and Carlos Garcia, if you met them. Stronger together is the perfect slogan for this ex-military, Florida-based power couple featured in Avon’s new This is Boss Life campaign, which spotlights Avon Representatives and tells their stories.

We caught up with the couple shortly after their photo shoot, and they were eager to share their experience. “We were so humbled to be chosen for this campaign. For us, it means that we are representing Avon and our business in a way that is being rewarded,” Carlos explained.

Carlos and Milagros Garcia's #BeautyBoss Story

Though Carlos still works full-time as a firefighter and a paramedic, he finds the time to support their Avon business when he’s not on shift. After leaving the military, taking a job with a private company and selling Avon in her free time, Milagros now works full-time on her Avon business. “At first I was in it for the discounts and to make a bit of extra money, but my business took off after a few years. I started to look around and saw friends who had a new car, home, or boat, and knew we didn’t have that kind of extra money. I realized that these people all had their own businesses. That’s when I learned that I could earn more by recruiting team members and building residual income. I set a goal to leave my regular job and work on Avon full time. I gave myself two years to reach the highest level of leadership. I did it in two and half years, and that’s when Carlos said he would join me,” said Milagros.

“We enjoy running our business online but also have stronghold in our local market face to face business. We purchased a mobile Avon office, which we like to call ‘the magic bus’—it’s a van wrapped in Avon signage. We go to strategic locations and hand out pamphlets, or samples, and recruit team members. We also provide information about breast cancer and domestic violence prevention. It’s a great opportunity to reach out to the community, to grow our business, offer employment, products, and information and awareness,” explained Carlos of the couple’s unique approach.

Carlos and Milagros Garcia’s #BeautyBoss Story

Milagros and Carlos believe that the Boss Life is harder, yet more rewarding than working for someone else. “You don’t rely on anyone else. You have the power to give yourself a raise or to cut your rewards in half. I prefer to keep the focus on the activity that you do and not the money you earn. It can be stressful if you don’t have a plan of action for every single day in this business. We are always thinking ahead,” said Carlos.

As for advice for budding entrepreneurs, Carlos said, ”I would tell them to go for it every single day. Look in the mirror and tell yourself exactly what you’re going to do today, and go out and do it. Work hard every single day—be consistent. Don’t try to impress anyone but you.”

The couple makes a strong leadership team and loves to recruit. “I give new team members hope. I tell them, ‘I started just like you, with uncertainty and wasn’t sure if this would work.’ But one thing I attribute our success to, is that we are goal driven. Every day we talk about our goals, both short-term and long-term,” explained Carlos.

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