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Georgiana Haynes' #BeautyBoss Story

Georgiana Haynes' #BeautyBoss Story

Meet Georgiana Haynes, one of the inspiring women featured in Avon’s new Boss Life campaign, which spotlights Avon Representatives and tells their stories. Check out your favorite magazines and TV shows in the next few weeks and see what it means to kickstart a whole new career as an Avon Beauty Boss, where you decide when, where and how you run your business.

The Queens, New York native began her Avon career in high school as a way to save money for college and also found that the business was a vehicle for self-improvement. “I was so shy. Now I can strike up a conversation with anyone, anytime. My self-confidence has improved so much,” Georgiana explained.

Since then, Georgiana’s Avon business has helped pay off her college and graduate school loans and she is now a full-time architectural designer. The Boss Life campaign features Georgiana at a girls’ night in, catching up, sipping, snacking and sharing Avon products. “I like that I can easily incorporate this business into my life and make it fun. I don’t have to knock on doors. I prefer to have friends over or go out for lunch and sell the products that way.”

She really appreciates the flexibility being her own boss provides. “I have an 8:30am to 5pm day job. With Avon, I get to set my own hours and I can work wherever I am. Whether I’m at home in the evening, or away on vacation, or when I’m with my family -- I can still share my business.” And it’s not just about the time and place, but the idea that Georgiana can make extra money when she needs it. “I know I can work a bit more in preparation for the holidays so that I can buy gifts and do more for my family and not have to worry about debt in January.”

When asked how her Avon business has changed her life, Georgiana was thrilled to share the fact that she has traveled with Avon to Florida and at Avon’s last Representative conference, she won a trip to Tahiti.  “I can't believe that I'll get to experience another life-changing opportunity through my Avon business. We say Avon makes dreams come true and that has definitely been my experience. I will admit that I'm a bit nervous, but I'm excited about experiencing a different place and a different culture. I want to see their architecture and absorb as much as I can. It's not a typical trip destination and that makes it so much more special. How many people do you hear say ‘Oh, I'm going to Tahiti for a week’? When I tell people that Avon is sending me there on a vacation, they're shocked.”

Above all, Georgiana believes that the Boss Life is about being in charge and in control of your working hours, your finances, and with whom you spend your time. “My Avon business is fun. It’s not stressful and it doesn’t feel like work!”

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