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Getting to Know: Jill Saylor & Pat Puzder

Getting to Know: Jill Saylor & Pat Puzder

Serving as role models for entrepreneurship in their communities, Avon Representatives are also the company’s campaign models. Hot off the press, upcoming Avon brochures will feature some of the most inspiring Avon Representatives from across the globe. These women embody Beauty for a Purpose, and on a daily basis are inspiring others through beauty. In this series, we will provide a glimpse into their empowering and remarkable journeys.

two women smiling in blue suits

Pat Puzder (at right)

Pat Puzder of Atlanta launched a second act during her retirement when she became an Avon Representative, but her love of beauty pre-dates her first day selling Avon. “When I got my first real job as a teenager, my mother told me that my Aunt Mamie had left an Avon book and I should take a look at it,” she says. “I did, and I’ve been hooked ever since.” She still remembers her first purchase: Dew Kiss Lip Balm.

It’s that personal connection that keeps Pat’s business thriving. “Avon Representatives are your relative, your neighbor, your friend. A friend listens! A friend does what she says and gives you the absolute best service because she cares,” she says.

6 Questions with Pat

Myself in three words:

compassionate, resilient, and candid. I am compassionate in that I have a great deal of empathy for others. I am resilient in that I have had my share of challenges and heartbreak, but I always spring back. My daughter says if you don’t want to be told the truth, don’t ask my mom.

Beauty at any age is:

as much a state of mind as an outward appearance.

To me, empowerment means:

having a voice and using it, speaking for those who cannot speak for themselves, and protecting those who cannot protect themselves. Being empowered means one can give and love freely and not need nor expect anything in return.

The best thing my mother taught me is:

hard work never hurt anyone. It will make you strong. She learned that first-hand, having gone to work in a cotton mill at age 13 (before there were child labor laws). Working hard enabled me to raise my children as a single parent while working a full-time job and often attending classes.

My guilty pleasure is:

definitely chocolate. Once I start, I don’t stop till it’s all gone!

My secret weapon is:

ANEW Clinical Eye Lift. I use it religiously and never want to be without it. With regular use I’ve noticed a lift of my upper lid area that is amazing, I think, for a woman my age.

Jill Saylor (at left)

Follow Jill Saylor’s lead and push past the negative voices in life. When someone doubted her goals, she says, “I did it, and 20 years later I’m still doing it. For me, that’s very empowering.” Now, the perks include “having the freedom
to run my business around my life,” adds the Scranton, Pennsylvania, resident.

Many of her proud moments – including helping her four children (ranging in age from 19 to 25) buy their first cars – stem from taking control of her career. To that end, Jill encourages supporting local small business owners. “There’s something about trusting a friend to know your needs over a big store. It’s personal,” she says.

6 Questions with Jill

Myself in three words:

Youthful, empowered, positive. To me, empowerment means: living a full, happy independent life I can feel proud of, being able to help my children to do the same , and watching others take control of their own lives.

I feel most beautiful when:

I have on a couple of spritzes of Today. I get so many complements and I love the smell of it. Fragrance defines who you are. My kids say it’s a comfort — they lay on my bed when I travel so they’ll have things that smell like me. Even when I go to the mechanics they all say, “We love when your car sits in here.” Because my car smells like Today.

The best piece of advice my mother gave me is:

go to school or work unless you’re dying.

I truly enjoy:

a long massage.

My secret weapon is:

the new Moisture Therapy Derma Body Lotion and Silicone Glove Hand Cream, which are suitable even for the eczema-prone skin on my legs and hands. I’m amazed at the comfort these products provide!

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