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#TBT: A Look Back At The Rich History of Fragrance At Avon

#TBT: A Look Back At The Rich History of Fragrance At Avon

Fragrance is — and always has been — at the heart of Avon. In 1886, a bookseller named David H. McConnell offered perfume as a gift with purchase with every book he sold. Pretty soon, it was clear that his perfumes were more popular than his books. From Musk to Sweet Honesty to Imari, Avon has a habit of creating unforgettable best-selling scents.

Are you ready to take a fragrant walk down memory lane? Browse the below photos for a rich evolution of our fragrance offerings, with a few top notes of nostalgia and base notes of beauty.

1886 to 1910: The Early Years

five perfume bottles surrounded by lavendar

Floral notes captured in bottles of Lily of the Valley, Violet, Heliotrope, White Rose and Hyacinth, 1886.

“Little Dot Perfumes” was the first product sold by the California Perfume Company. There were five single-note fragrances — Lily of the Valley, Violet, Heliotrope, White Rose and Hyacinth. (1886)

women bottling avon perfume

California Perfume Company workers bottle fragrances, 1902.

After the success of the “Little Dot Perfumes,” Avon started making a wide variety of fragrances. In this early photo, California Perfume Company workers bottle fragrances in the Soap and Perfume Manufactory in Suffern, New York. (1902)

a small bottle of avon's musk fragrance

The California Perfume Company’s first musk extract, 1906.

In 1906, Avon introduced the world to musk perfume. The classic scent returned as Soft Musk in the 1980s, and became the most popular scent of the decade. (1906)

1950 to 1990: The Avon Fragrance Empire Is Born

a blonde woman spraying perfume in an avon advertisement from the 1950s

Avon’s stunning scents come alive in an advertisement for Seventeen magazine, 1957.

In the 1950s, every woman had a dreamy look in her eyes when an Avon Representative called. A fragrance try-on allowed women to sample different scents from the comfort of their own homes.

avon calling campaign

Avon calls for fragrance in this advertisement for Seventeen Magazine, 1967.

The “Ding Dong Avon Calling” campaign ran until 1967. A visit from an Avon Representative was something for every woman to look forward to. (1966)

Sweet Honesty is happiness in a bottle, as showcased in this advertisement, 1973.

Sweet Honesty, one of Avon’s best-selling perfumes, is a feminine scent that was launched in 1973. The fragrance is a classic blend of floral, honey, citrus, and vanilla. Sweetness and honesty definitely found happiness together.

red, pink and yellow perfume avon bottles

This Avon model get’s a little zany in an advertisement for the fragrance, 1981.

The ’80s got a little zany. Bright colors and busy patterns adorned perfume bottles in this eccentric decade.

a red bottle of avon's imari fragrance

Avon’s legacy fragrance Imari, 1985.

Imari is a “fragrance to fire the imagination” blossoming with musk, incense and spice. The best-selling, sensual scent was introduced to the world in 1985. This year, Imari will celebrate its 30th anniversary.

Avon’s best-selling fragrances, 1987.

Ariane, Timeless, Candid and Foxfire are four of Avon’s best-selling fragrances. Candid and Timeless are still sold in similar bottles today.

1990 to Now: The Future of Avon’s Fragrances

Fergie singing next to a life-size blue fragrance bottle

Outspoken by Fergie is a fragrance as fierce as the singer herself.

Fergie launched Outspoken, her first Avon fragrance, in 2010. “I’m always seeking out new ways to express myself, and fragrance is the perfect opportunity to share my originality and confidence with my fans, and the Avon customer,” she tells Avon.

three bottles of avon's imari fragrance, one purple, one red, and one black

A sneak peek of what’s to come for Imari.

This year, we’re giving Imari a new look! If you love classic Imari, get ready for Imari Seduction and Imari Elixir.

The look of Avon’s fragrances are as different as the scents themselves.

It’s been quite a journey. For over a century, we’ve loved our fragrance family. From sweet to spicy to subtle scents, our perfumes are what make Avon special.



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