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Inside Avon: Meet our Learning & Development Associate

Inside Avon: Meet our Learning & Development Associate

In the latest installment of our interview series, we meet another inspiring Avon Team member who’s giving us an insider look at her blossoming professional journey.  

Name: Olivia

Role: Learning & Development Associate

It’s not an overstatement to say that Olivia lights up any room she’s in. Back in the NYC office, you’d often find her chatting it up with co-workers and you could easily spot her gorgeous, brightly-colored ensembles—think hot pink blazers and neon green skirts—from afar. Her warm, magnetic personality and signature style shine through in her work. At just 22, Olivia has worked her way up from an intern, to working part time, and now to a full-time position within Avon.

Olivia was studying marketing in college when a recruiter came to her school and spoke about the opportunity for a marketing internship at Avon. She applied and got the position.

From the start, Avon was a great fit for Olivia, who is passionate about beauty and branding.  “I’m inspired by branding—telling a brand story, building something from the ground up,” she explains.

While many students have trouble balancing work and school, it seemed to come effortlessly for Olivia. She juggled her role at Avon with being a full-time college student, and took night classes so she could fit Avon into her schedule. “The balance came in with just the passion,” she says. “I knew Avon was something I wanted to work towards.

And Olivia definitely put in the work. After interning for a summer, Olivia worked part-time at Avon for 1.5 years and completed her degree in the process. This past May, she graduated with a B.S. in Marketing and Entrepreneurship.

As soon as she finished school, Olivia made it known that she was open to job opportunities and wanted to stay at Avon. She told her manager that she felt she could continue to grow at the company, and immediately transitioned into a full-time role as a Learning & Development Associate.

“I think that if you’re interning and you really want to stay at the company, you should definitely voice that,” she advises.

Today, Olivia trains Avon Representatives on how to market themselves via social media, in person and through blogs. She draws on her marketing expertise to help Representatives understand key selling points and benefits of products and teaches them how to leverage social media and improve their networks through likes, comments and analytics.

“I just think it’s so cool to be so hands on and help someone build their business,” she says.

You may also recognize Olivia from the Avon Instagram page. She occasionally appears in marketing videos for products like Avon CHI Essentials Hair Color, and sometimes models makeup like Magix Dust Finishing Powder and Avon Magix Wand Foundation Stick. Her favorite Avon product is Rouge Powder Matte Lipstick since she loves a vibrant pout.

Olivia enjoys participating in different creative aspects of the business. She prides herself in her ability to think outside of the box and contribute unique ideas, whether she’s marketing a product on social media or training Representatives. “I always love to be creative and to think of things that maybe other people haven’t thought of,” she says.

Olivia’s love for Avon is evident in the positive, enthusiastic attitude she brings to her work every day. “If you love what you’re doing and if you have passion behind it, it doesn’t really feel like work,” she notes. “I’m really lucky and fortunate to have stayed with such an amazing company for so long and to really have a lot different relationships with people on different teams.”

And Olivia’s colleagues feel exactly the same way about her. She’s a shining example of a young professional and plays a huge role in making life beautiful for Representatives and her Avon co-workers.  

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