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Jennifer Francis Tells Her Avon Story

Jennifer Francis Tells Her Avon Story

My name is Jennifer Francis and I’m a Bronze Leader and Honor Society member with Avon, and a beauty blogger. In 2019, my Avon team ranked #1 in the nation for personal leader development and #3 in the nation for team size growth. Keep reading to see how you can start a blog like mine to help you foster customer relationships and make this side hustle a successful beauty business—all while you work from home!

When you sign up to sell Avon, a great way to increase your exposure as an Avon Representative is to start a blog!

My beauty blog, Timeless Beauty Life, has been a huge factor in how I have been able to turn my side hustle of selling Avon into a successful business. 

I signed up to sell Avon in July 2018. I have a major obsession with travel and a serious Disney problem. I was looking for a side hustle that would help supplement my family’s income so that we could travel with the kids each year.

The opportunity to become an Avon Representative was something I discovered when I was working on a different money-making venture. I have always enjoyed makeup, so I decided to give it a go.

I have a passion for empowering other women, so I started as an Avon Leader early on and became a Bronze Ambassador within my first month.

My favorite part of being an Avon Leader is working with my team members to help them accomplish their goals and develop their unique skill sets. It’s a joy to support other women as they define their strengths and achieve their own personal successes.

A few months after joining Avon, I decided that the next step to grow my business was to start a blog.

I previously built and optimized a website for the small grocery chain that my family owns, so creating a website for my Avon business seemed only natural.

I’ve taught myself how to optimize websites using a few simple strategies. I am always researching online marketing tips and have worked hard to become an expert in search engine optimization (SEO). I follow a variety of SEO marketing experts, and have used their advice to develop my own unique SEO strategy that optimizes my blog content effectively.

The beautiful lifestyle that Avon creates is different for everyone, as we all have unique stories and journeys. Avon has made a positive impact in my life by allowing me to make a lasting impression on the world around me while living a life that is timeless and beautiful.

Selling Avon has given me the opportunity to spend more time with my family and allowed me to make special memories with them. It has also given me a platform to give back to other women going through difficult experiences—something that is particularly meaningful to me.

I lost my 22-month-old daughter, Hailey, in a car accident in 2011. I wrote a book in her honor, and wanted the book to comfort other women in similar situations. I’ve always wanted to do more in Hailey’s memory, so I raised enough money to purchase 500 of Avon’s fundraising plushes and paired them each with a copy of my book to create ‘Hailey Hugs Bundles.’ I have delivered the bundles to local hospitals, grief support organizations and individuals all over the country. With the help of Avon, I was able to bring my Hailey Hugs Initiative full circle and give back.

Starting a blog may seem complicated, but it is actually quite simple. The key factor to creating a blog to sell Avon online is finding a system that helps you remain consistent and allows you to use the resources provided by Avon productively.

Below are my top tips to keep your blog (and your Avon customers) growing:

Your site doesn’t have to be perfect right away. It can take a year or more before people will see your content in a Google search. The goal is just to start! Every day you wait is a day longer you won’t reap the benefits.

Blogging is a long-term game, so chances are you won’t see immediate results. Make a reasonable schedule that you can follow consistently. It might be publishing one post a day, or even publishing one post a month. Also, be sure to post on your social media pages to let your followers know you’ve updated your blog. Keeping followers in the know and adding links to your posts whenever you can will help drive consistent traffic to your site.

Avon resources make my job as a beauty blogger so much easier. I love being able to utilize the beautiful pre-designed images from Avon Social to enhance the look of my blog! I also love to check out the one-pagers in the resource library on AVON U for content inspiration.

Maintaining a unique point of view is probably the most important rule I stick to when selling Avon. Whether you’re on social media or on your own website, you should always strive to be yourself. Stay true to who you are and people will buy from you because they connect with you! Don’t be afraid to embrace what makes you YOU! 

Inspired by Jennifer? Join our beautiful Avon family today and become a Representative.

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