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Lydia Osolinsky's #BeautyBoss Story

Lydia Osolinsky's #BeautyBoss Story

What happens when you’re a mom of two kids under six and a full-time Avon Beauty Boss and you get a call inviting you to fly to New York City and participate in a photo shoot for the new Avon Boss Life campaign?

Northern California-based Lydia Osolinsky continued checking out at the grocery store—no less with one child in her arms and the other wrapped around her leg—and jumped at the opportunity when the call came in. That’s just how it goes on a typical day for Lydia, beginning with feeding the kids while simultaneously packing lunch, then school drop-off, followed by a nap for her little one, which means time for her to get to work.

But the week she and her kids and husband flew to New York for her Boss Life shoot, she took a break from the day-to-day. “It was a mix of dream come true and business as usual,” Lydia explained. “Getting my hair and makeup done, a wardrobe picked just for me, plus downtime in a beautiful hotel in a world-class city -- it was a very proud moment for me.”

“At the same time, our kids needed diapers changed and snacks to eat. We were still parenting during this totally extraordinary day. It was great to share that with them. They’re aware that I’m running my business, but we’re still having fun, playing and laughing. The pictures I took on my phone that day don’t look so foreign from our everyday lives. We felt at home, thanks to Avon.”

Avon’s Boss Life campaign features Representatives like Lydia, who make this business their own. As Lydia says, “This business can be fun, it doesn’t have to be stuffy. I can be professional and still be me. I’m the boss. There’s ownership in the success and the roadblocks, and that’s empowering. I have the control to make changes to get what I need -- there’s always another way to make things happen. I love that Avon is a part of that.”

When it comes to the Boss Life, Lydia believes that the beauty of Avon is that you can work when, where and however you like. For her, that meant bringing her own skills and strength to it. “I always thought I would be a writer. Only recently did I figure out how to make that a part of my business with blogging.” As the daughter of parents who supported their family through Avon for 17 years, Lydia wasn’t always sure the business was right for her. It wasn’t until she realized how adaptable it is, whether that means running it all on a smartphone, approaching people in the community, working from your home computer, or sharing your blog.

“The shoot was only a few weeks ago. At the time, I was working on my blog and now it’s live and I wrote 3 posts on the plane ride home. My business is different already. It’s constantly evolving and that’s so exciting to me. I’m so filled with ideas that I’m waking up in the middle of the night to write them down. So much has to do with this realization that my own personal style was going to be the strength of my business instead of something to repress,” Lydia said. “Avon changes lives, but for me, there was no life before Avon.”

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