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Meet Dad & Avon Representative Timothy Brown

Meet Dad & Avon Representative Timothy Brown

As part of our series highlighting different Avon Representatives, we’d like to introduce you to Timothy Brown—just in time for Father’s Day.

Whenever he leaves his house, Timothy Brown wears an “Independent Sales Rep & Team Leader” badge emblazoned with the Avon logo. He’s known across the Avon community as the “Avon Man.” Brown, who resides in North Augusta, SC is an optometrist by day and a passionate Avon Representative and Team Leader by night. He learned to sell Avon from his father and has carved an inspiring path as a successful Representative and Leader with a positive outlook on business and life.

Brown grew up in Loris, SC, watching his father, an Avon Representative and vendor, sell to the local community. Brown accompanied his dad as he sold door-to-door and at local events. His father, who was known throughout the local community for selling Avon, taught him how to sell Avon, with a strong emphasis on cultivating customer relationships. Brown recalls ladies coming to his house to pick up the latest Avon skin care products from the Anew Ultimate and Anew Platinum product lines.

“He not only just sold products to people but he built that relationship with them,” said Brown.

In 2009, when Brown was in optometry school, his father passed away. Two years later, Brown decided to join Avon and he went back to Loris, SC to sign an Avon contract with Mary Jane Hardy, a longtime Representative who worked closely with his dad.

“I do my business now in memory of my dad,” said Brown.

Brown attracts new customers by wearing his Avon badge, which he had custom-made by a local trophy company, while running errands to places like the grocery store or bank. He’ll bring samples with him so that customers can see and smell products before buying. Avon fragrances like Far Away Amalfi and Mesmerize Cologne are some of his favorite products to keep on hand. He also always travels with the current Avon brochure, so he’s prepared to do business any time and show customers the full Avon offering.

“It’s not hard finding new customers when you let them know you have access to all Avon products,” he explained.

Brown also mentioned that his customers are engaging in the Avon Digital Catalog and are loving the new virtual try-on-tool, which enables them to try on beauty products before they buy.

“They like that try-on part. That changes the game for us,” he said.

Skin So Soft Original Bath Oil—one of Avon’s most iconic products—is Brown’s best seller. Skin So Soft was what got him started before he joined Avon. At age 15, years before he became a Representative, Brown sold Skin So Soft products that his dad gave him to make some extra cash.

“Skin So Soft is my go-to product,” he said. “It’s what I sell the most.”

Brown, who has now been selling Avon for 9 years, leads a team of 3,200 Representatives. He creates training videos for his team members, teaching them how to grow sales by keeping product samples on hand and spreading the word about Avon. Brown’s hard work and efforts have made him one of Avon’s top-selling Representatives and an Inner Circle member, meaning he’s sold more than $200,000 in Avon products. He is also a Bronze Leader and his goal is to become an Executive Leader, Avon’s highest possible Leadership rank.

If Brown’s hustle isn’t already apparent with his Avon journey, it’s evident through his ability to balance selling Avon with a full-time job and a family.

He works as an optometrist Monday through Friday from 9 AM to 5 PM, and when he’s off the clock he meets with Avon customers and makes deliveries. Every Saturday, he runs errands locally and takes his Avon book and products with him to attract new customers and new recruits for his team. Sunday is his rest day—his day to take a break from work, go to church and spend time with his wife and their two kids: a daughter, 13, and a son, 10. It’s a busy lifestyle, but Brown enjoys it.

According to Brown, he maintains balance and stays productive in his day-to-day life by spreading kindness and keeping a positive attitude.

“My motto has always been to follow the golden rule: do unto others as they would do to you,” he said. “When you do good, good always comes back to you.”

Selling Avon is a great way for Brown to channel this energy—after all, Avon’s mission is to celebrate the power to create a beautiful and positive impact in the world. Brown, who has seen his mother, wife and children experience Avon, is proud to represent a company that’s known for empowering women.

“I have a lot of women in my life,” he said. If Avon is supporting women, why shouldn’t I?”

As the “Avon Man,” Brown is one of the most recognized men within the Avon community. When he started out, he was highlighting Leaders who inspired him, posting pictures of Avon Representatives like Platinum Executive Leader Vondell McKenzie. Today, people ask Brown for photos and tell him how he impacted their personal Avon journeys. He was even featured in a 2018 Avon Representative book where he shared his story and his love of the Mesmerize fragrance.

“I’m blown away by those things, I’m very humbled by it,” he said. “It just touches me how you’ve made an impact on people and didn’t realize it.”

Inspired by the Avon Man? Join our community today and become a Representative.

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