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Representative Spotlight: Vondell McKenzie

Representative Spotlight: Vondell McKenzie

Meet Vondell McKenzie. One of our most accomplished Representatives ever, she is affectionately addressed as Miss Vondell and known in the Avon community as the Matriarch of our Leadership Program. In 1991, she became a founding member of the program (and even signed the first recruit!) and has gone on to reach the highest level of Avon Leadership, the Platinum Executive Leader level. And in January 2021, she will celebrate 30 years with Avon! It’s safe to say that Miss Vondell knows a thing or two about beauty, business and success. She’s an inspiration to us all, and she’s shared some insights and tips from her brilliant career below. Check out her advice and see how you can achieve your goals, too.

Q: What are your top strategies for achieving success?

A: There are five rules I follow.

  • RULE 1: Have a Vision. What is it you want in life? Don’t be afraid to dream big—or believe in the power of dreams.
  • RULE 2: Take Control.Never hand over the reins of your life to anyone else. Determine how you want to live it, and then go live it.
  • RULE 3: Keep Moving Forward.There will always be obstacles and roadblocks in life. Whatever happens, just keep moving forward.
  • RULE 4: Make Your World Turn. Invest your free time in your dreams, not somebody else’s. Define your “why” and set achievable goals.
  • RULE 5: Work on Yourself.Stay relevant, stay aware and stay focused on getting better at what you do. 

Q: What do you think contributes most to your success?

A: The key factor in any of my business success is directly related to the contribution and performance of my team. We have highly productive relationships that actually grow stronger as we face challenges. I am so proud of my Avon family, and my first love is celebrating their successes.

Q: What advice do you have regarding training and development within a team?

A: Training and staying current are so important. The key is to focus on your plan. Every day, execute on the goals that support your vision.

Do we ever complete training for the sake of training? Yes, sometimes! You need to gain the information required to execute your plan and complete your goals. The good news is that there is an abundance of information about Avon, growing a business, inspiration, and roadmaps to success. Google anything, or look to resources available on AVON U. Plus, there are books, Facebook groups, podcasts, audiobooks, blogs and more.

Q: What would you recommend others do to adapt during this time of uncertainty?

A: Uncertainty is the only constant. Now is the time to be more creative, take chances and tweak your business model. Keep your eyes on the horizon, and contemplate and cultivate a vision for you and your loved ones. That vision will propel you forward.

And start looking ahead. Let’s speculate, for example, about what things might look like in seven months. It’s Thanksgiving Day 2020, many are worried about a “second wave” of coronavirus infections and the unemployment problem hasn’t entirely disappeared. When you look back at this exact moment seven months from now, what will you be thankful you decided to do today?

 Imagine what your business will look like and take creative action now based on that vision.

Q: What advice do you have for those just starting in the business?

A: There are four steps you should take to really get your business off the ground.

  • Get to know direct selling and pick up all you can about Avon’s selling tools and products.
  • Cultivate your “why” and develop a good attitude, good habits and a good social network.
  • Focus on creating the best possible experience for new customers, and continue to build your relationship with existing customers.
  • Have a grand opening and share your Avon business with others.

Q: What would you like to do differently this year?

A: I intend to focus more on supporting team individuals who are able and willing to invest their energy in growing a business. I'm excited about the new marketing tools available to all Representatives, and I’m optimistic that Avon's current evolution is robust enough to support the kind of success that my team deserves.

This interview has been edited and condensed.

Inspired by Vondell? Join our beautiful Avon family today and become a Representative.

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