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What’s Your “Why”? Find It Here

What’s Your “Why”? Find It Here
Within every woman is a “why”—the reason why she wants to start something significant in her life, whether it’s a new lipstick shade, passion project she’s ready to take off the back burner, or side hustle she’s excitedly discovered. As with any new venture, the diverse array of women who join Avon each have a unique reason for becoming an Avon Representative—and they’re pretty inspiring! Follow the stories below to find out a few of our favorite examples of how a simple“why” can turn into something wonderful.


My “Why”: A Creative Outlet

“After college, I moved to California to work in the tech industry. My left brain was satisfied, but my right brain—my artistic, fashion-forward self–wanted some attention, too. I started scanning the internet for a side project, and found mark., which is owned by Avon. It was the start of a departure from my day job, a way to escape a world in which I was happy though not entirely comfortable, and venture into a space of makeup and fabrics and feeling gorgeous. A year later, I started a fashion and beauty blog to style the items that I truly loved into stunning looks. Joining Avon as a Representative turned those posts into the perfect money-making side gig.”

— Alicia H., Sacramento, California


My “Why”: Being My Own Boss

“When I was in college I barely had money to go out for coffee—forget going out with friends. So I signed up to be a Representative. I owe some of my best college memories to Avon. Now, I lead a team of 80. If you want to grow, you have to talk to people and have the confidence to connect with others. As a millennial, I have the capacity to be my own boss and to determine my own future rather than working for someone else. I map out all the important things I want to accomplish throughout the week and even in the month, not forgetting to schedule in incentives for myself!”

— Ivanna D., Southern California


My “Why”: Building Community

“I’m passionate about skincare. That’s why I signed up to be an Avon Representative. But then it became about the Avon community. Today I have a teamof 109 Representatives. Helping them grow their businesses is my new passion!”

— Jessie F., Bogota, New Jersey


My “Why”: Family

“We’re an Avon family. My mom’s sold Avon since I was a kid. She has coached me through victories large and small. When I had my first daughter, Avon helped me stay home with her. Now she’s five and already stealing my lipstick! As my daughters watch me work my Avon business, I hope they see a woman with a sense of control over the direction of her life. Both my family and my business give me a sense of accomplishment and truly there isn’t a sharp separation. My mom and I often work together with my daughters always nearby.”

— Lydia O., San Jose, California


My “Why”: Freedom 

“I was miserable at my job—the all-in-caps kind of miserable. So I put all of my energy into my Avon business, and in less than two years I was able to quit my old job. Now, I love what I do—I’ve been with Avon for 20 years.

— Theresa P., Florida, New York


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