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Learn How To Pick the Perfect Fragrance


Nov 9, 2022
Sometimes what stops us from finding our perfect fragrance are all the questions we have. Here to help us with that is Ray Mauro, our master fragrance developer with over 20 years in the fragrance industry. Below, Ray answers some of the most popular questions regarding fragrances. Read on so you can learn how to pick the best fragrances for both women and men. Plus, learn tips on how to layer fragrances and make them last longer.

Why do fragrances change when worn by different people?
Ray: I like to call this your "signature touch." Have you ever smelled your favorite fragrance on someone else and suddenly felt you're not so in love with it anymore or perhaps like it more on someone else's skin? This is because we are all unique in our body chemistry. Our skin releases oils, and the balance of those oils varies from person to person.

Or perhaps you prefer the smell out of the bottle and less on your skin. If that's the case, simply apply spraying at an arm's length away and walk into the fragrance instead of spraying directly on pulse points. This will have less interaction with your body chemistry and smell exactly the way it does out of the bottle.

Can I spray my fragrance in my hair?
Ray: One should avoid spraying Eau de Parfum directly on their hair.  EDP’s have high levels of alcohol which can leave hair dry and brittle. Instead, try a hair mist.

Is it normal to wear different fragrances at the same time?
Ray: I always encourage people to be their own perfumer. Have fun and experiment with your fragrance wardrobe through fragrance combining to create signature blends that fit the mood or need. 

Is it possible to make my fragrances last longer on my skin?
Ray: Absolutely. Fragrance wears the best when applied to your skin, but not all skin is equally hydrated. To have a fragrance last longer, apply a thin layer of unscented body lotion after your shower or before reapplying.

Is there a right and wrong way to spray a fragrance? If there is a right way, how do I do that?
Ray: Not necessarily, but a word of caution: Rubbing the pulse points too aggressively can cause friction and potentially change the intended character of the fragrance’s top notes.

I’m shopping for a gift; how do I pick the right fragrance?
Ray: Try to do some investigating beforehand. Understanding if the gift recipient prefers fresh or warm notes will greatly improve your selection process.

What are the differences between an Eau De Parfum and an Eau De Toilette?
Ray: Eau de Toilette is formulated with lower fragrance levels, typically around 5% to 10% fragrance oil.  Eau de Parfum’s are usually crafted with higher fragrance levels, anywhere from 11% to 18%

I want to wear a fragrance to work, and I need something subtle; where do I start?
Ray: I truly believe any fragrance can be worn any time of the day, but it will all depend on which types of fragrances give you purpose, inspire you or capture your love. Don’t try to force-fit a fragrance for an occasion. Wear what you love; just dial down the intensity if it’s to be worn around others all day.

Are brands' legacy fragrances making their comeback? If so, why?
Ray: Society's urgent desire for a means to heal has resulted in an enormous rise in legacy fragrances and once-popular fragrance materials. And why is that? It's because fragrance has the ability to express the inexpressible: a language of feelings, emotions, and imagery. As we emerge from a global crisis and chaotic events, we dream of a cathartic outlet that can help us all reconnect to our inner joy. We celebrate positivity and seek a means to smile, laugh and reconnect. Nostalgic scents are an immediate pathway to these emotions. Think about the smell of Mimosa and Hyacinth blooming in the spring and how they elicit happy memories, inspire creativity and renew our spirits. Avon Classics Dreamlife is no exception and uses these very ingredients to help enlighten the soul.

Now that you have some of your top fragrance questions answered, it’s time to take that next step in finding your perfect fragrance!
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