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Benefits of Mineral vs Chemical Sunscreen


Apr 14, 2023
Choosing Your Sunscreen: The Benefits of Mineral & Chemical

Looking for worry-free, fun in the sun for the whole family? Don’t forget your sunscreen! And whether you’re considering a mineral or chemical sunscreen, you can find plenty of options that are safe for use on your face and body, no matter what your skin color is. Both offer great sun protection and benefits, so it all comes down to preference. But maybe we should start with the basic difference between the two:

Mineral Sunscreen Blocks Sunlight. Apply it to your skin so it can act as a cover to deflect sunlight. And it works immediately upon application.

Chemical Sunscreen Converts Sunlight. You apply it to be absorbed into your skin, where it chemically changes UV rays into non-damaging heat. You’ll need to wait 30 minutes after application before sun exposure.

Whichever sunscreen you choose, you’ll get best results using it regularly and consistently. (You and yours will have more fun, too!) 

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