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Aug 30, 2023
The next time you think about choosing the right skin care to keep your face looking healthy and youthful, remember your lips need love too! Every day, you put your lips through a lot. There’s exposure to the elements like sun and wind, but also to the food, drink and acidic substances that you likely consume. Combine that with the fact that the skin on your lips is incredibly thin—just 3-6 layers of cells in comparison to the 16 layers everywhere else on your body—and you have more than enough reasons to keep your lips protected and hydrated, with the same attention you already give your face and eye area.

Enter our new creamy-textured lip butter, an incredible multi-tasking skin care serum for your lips that nourishes and moisturizes while also delivering beautiful results of long-lasting, glossy color for pucker perfection! Featuring key ingredients like vitamin-rich Cupauacu Seed Butter and a complex of Apricot Kernel, Olive Fruit and Mango Fruit oils extracts, lip butter hydrates and plumps naturally while giving your lips a healthy-looking glow.
As a skin care and makeup solution in one, lip butter is great for travelling, too.  Just one click on the applicator and you’ll have the perfect wash of buildable color that you can put on any time you want to show off a glossy finish.

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And try this great pairing to maximize use of your LOVE Lip Butter!

fmg Glimmer Lip Liner helps add definition and can create the effect of a larger pout. With a shade closest to your natural lip color, gently trace an outline just larger than your lips.  Smudge with your finger slightly for the perfect blend.  Fill in with lip butter of your choice.
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