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2 Cute Halloween Costumes That Are All About The Makeup!

2 Cute Halloween Costumes That Are All About The Makeup!

2 Cute Halloween Costumes That Are all About the Makeup!

So you’ve just been invited to a Halloween party but don’t have the time to order or find a costume? Have no fear – create these two fun costumes using only a few key makeup items and clothing you probably already have in your closet!

Feeling Catty

Simple and adorable, black cats are the quintessential last-minute costume. They’re every girl’s best friend when it comes to can’t-fail-costume ideas.

Luckily, you don't need special costume makeup to pull off this cute Halloween makeup either. Grab a few items from your makeup bag and follow the steps listed below and you’ll be ready for the party in no time with cute Halloween makeup that’s just purr-fect for the occasion!

Step 1:

Throw on a black outfit like an LBD or a black top and matching jeans or pants. Next up, slip on some cat ears. Don’t have any? You can make your own cute kitty ears by bending pipe cleaners around a headband, or cutting out larger triangles of black felt and smaller triangles of white felt and gluing them together. Next you’ll need a tail. Cut a leg off a pair of black pantyhose, stuff with fabric and tie a knot at the end. Then fix to the costume with a safety pin.

The great thing about Feeling Catty is that you can go for cutesy or glam it up by simply channeling that inner leopard inside you. It’s much easier than you think! Just replace your black top or jeans with animal-print clothes. If you have time to stop by your local party goods store, pick up ears and a tail in animal-print – and for an extra touch of class, team it with a matching bowtie.

As every girl knows, it’s the shoes that finish off the outfit. If your Halloween’s all about cute kitty, wear fluffy black slippers or simple pumps. To pull off a more dramatic look, team your costume with a gorgeous pair of black or animal-print heels.

Step 2:

Now for the best part – the Halloween makeup! Start to create your Feeling Catty look by contouring and highlighting your face. Once you've applied foundation and concealer, sharpen the angles of your face with a contour or bronzing powder underneath your cheekbones and along the temples of your forehead. Next, use a matte powder in a light shade (it should be pigmented rather than translucent) – the aim is to highlight the area around your upper lip and the middle of your chin.

Step 3:

The next step is all about making your cute Halloween eye makeup transform you into a feminine feline! First, fill in your brows as you normally would. Then to make sure your look stays put for the duration of the party, apply an eyelid primer (or you can use a concealer). Now use a brush to blend an orangey eyeshadow into the creases of the eyes.

Step 4:

To contour a cute kitty nose, grab a dark brown eyeshadow, preferably with orange undertones, and use this to deepen the color along the creases of your eyes while emphasizing the outside corners. A small blending brush will work best for this. Use the same shade to draw a line from the creases of your eyes, down the sides of your nose. Stop just before you reach the tip of your nose to create a cat-like snout.

Step 5:

Grab a long-wearing black eyeliner like Avon True Color SuperExtend Precise Liquid Pen in Black, and draw the shape of your cat nose on top of your nose – starting at the top and filling in over your nostrils.

Step 6:

Now it’s time to take your cute Halloween eye makeup to the next level! Using the same black liquid eyeliner, make a definite cat-eye flick from the inner corners of your eyes all the way to the tails of your brows. Back to your dark brown eyeshadow – use a pencil brush (or a very careful finger) to smudge the shade beneath your bottom lashes to open up your eyes. For extra pop, use a shimmery highlighter along your brow bone and at the inner corners of your eyes.

If you prefer a more dramatic cat-eye, dress your lashes with mascara or use falsies.

Step 7:

You’re almost there! For whiskers, you can draw a number of curved lines radiating out from either side of your mouth. For a more sophisticated look you can use both black and brown eye eyeliners to draw tiny whisker spots, then use a white liner to go over these spots.

Step 8:

But let’s face it…Halloween is all about the kids.

Dress your little one in an all-black outfit – adding a tutu is an especially cute touch. Attach a tail to the back of the clothes with a safety pin, pop on a cute cat-ears headband and finish off with whiskers and kitty nose, using your black eyeliner once you’ve highlighted the area above the top lip.

Even baby boys make the cutest kittens. So grab a white onesie or one-piece pajamas and sew or glue triangles of faux craft fur to the front. Now pop on fluffy earmuffs for cat ears (or you can buy cat earmuffs). Now you have the cutest Feeling Catty Halloween accessory around. This Halloween costume is also super practical if you’re taking baby out on what can be a chilly holiday.

Sweet Scarecrow

Oh, hay there! It’s time to put your plaid shirt, straw hat, and brightest blush to good use for this Halloween makeup look. It’s up to you if you want to go for super cute or add an element that’s enough to scare the crows away. To pull off the basic look, all you need to do is follow this easy Halloween makeup tutorial.

Step 1:

Start with a plaid flannel shirt and a pair of overalls as the basic costume. If they’re an old pair, then rip a few holes in them and sew or glue on patches of cloth.

For an especially cute Halloween scarecrow look, wear a denim jumper dress, a checkered shirt, and boots. It’s a costume that checks off both the cute and trendy boxes.

Step 2:

Grab a bright blush like Avon True Color Be Blushed Cheek Color in Tropical Beach and create big pronounced circles on the center of your cheeks (make the circles just big enough to cover the apples of your cheeks). Now color-in the tip of your nose – a triangle is especially cute. (And this is the one time we’ll tell you not to blend it in!)

Step 3:

Take a black eye pencil, like Avon True Color Glimmersticks Waterproof Eye Liner in Blackest Night, and use it to outline the blush with “stitches”. Then outline the triangle on your nose and draw in stitch-like dashes around it before making perpendicular tic marks about a centimeter long around the border to create your "patch”.

Using the black eye pencil, extend lines from the corners of your mouth to the halfway point across your cheeks and make your perpendicular “stitches” across it for a stitched-on smile.

Step 4:

Emphasize your eyes using gold eyeshadow. First fill in the center of your eyelids with a creamy eyeshadow in a lighter color, then blend the gold into the creases of the eyes for a brightening effect.

Line your eyes with black liquid liner to create a cat-eye, drawing some extra slightly-curved lines to look like stitched lashes.

Brush on lots of black mascara with Avon True Color SuperExtend Nourishing Mascara or apply falsies for added drama.

Step 5:

Now apply orange lipstick to your lips in the same (or a similar shade) to the one used on your cheeks and nose, and you’re almost good to go.

Step 6:

All that’s left to do now is top off your costume with a straw hat (or you can use a floppy hat for a doll-like look) and you’re all cute and Halloween ready. Happy Halloween!

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