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Get Gorgeous Locks with CHI Hair Tools

Get Gorgeous Locks with CHI Hair Tools

With the right tool, you can do anything with your hair. You can achieve fabulous curls, effortless waves, a chic blowout and so much more. Below, we’ve provided some tips on how you can get a stunning hair style, featuring multiuse CHI Hair Tools.


CHI Tech 1” Ceramic Dial Hair Styling Iron


Curling your hair with a straightener is quite simple. Grab an inch-wide section of your hair and clamp it with the straightener. Twist the tool at about 180 degrees as you gently pull it down slowly. We recommend alternating the direction you twist the iron for effortless-looking curls. 

Pro Tip: Put your hair halfway up, and start by curling the bottom section. Once the bottom is curled, release the top section and start curling.


With the straightener, clamp 1-3 inches of your hair, depending on how big you want your waves. You can also alternate the size of the waves for a natural effect. Twist the tool at about 180 degrees and pull it down quickly. You’ll get breezy, open waves.


Flipping the ends of your hair became a big thing in the 50s, and continued through the 60s. Think of women wearing A-line skirts and aprons at home—they always had a good hair flip to boot.

To achieve a perfect hair flip, grab a large section of your hair, clasping the straightener on the end and flip it upwards. Hold for a few seconds to get a flipped-up look that stays all day. It works best on medium-length hair that hits near the shoulders. This style, which recently came back in fashion, will give you a look that’s equally classic and modern.

Pro Tip: When using a straightener, choosing the right temperature for your hair type is important. So, what are the best temperatures for hair straighteners?

For fine hair, opt for a lower temperature of 250-300 degrees.

For normal hair, 300-350 degrees is best.

For curly or thick hair, choose from 350-450 degrees, using your judgment.


CHI 1" Volcanic Lava Ceramic Pro Spin N Curl


Get silky, shiny and glamorously bouncy curls at the push of a button. This pro automatic rotating curling device features a one-inch ceramic rotating barrel for an easy breezy curling experience. All you have to do is place a section of your hair into the tulip-shaped chamber, press and hold the button, and release it to reveal luscious curls. Featuring Advanced Ceramic and Ionic Technologies, this innovative device helps create instant curls and smooths hair while locking in moisture. Not to mention, this tool is made with volcanic powders derived from lava rocks, which combine with CHI Ceramic to deliver sleek results without the damaging effects of high-heat styling.

To make the most of hair styling and ensure a smooth, shiny texture, incorporate a nourishing hair serum into your routine. Formulated with aloe, pomegranate and hibiscus, Avon CHI Essentials Repairing Serum is a must-have for your hair. Massage a small amount of this serum evenly into damp hair and style as usual. This formula helps smooth and repair your hair while protecting it from damage, and helps keep frizz at bay—not to mention, you only need to use it every few days!


CHI Advanced Ionic Compact Hair Dryer


Before drying your hair, spray on a light mist of Avon CHI Essentials Thermal Protectant Spray, formulated with essential nutrients, vitamins and antioxidants that help protect your hair from the heat damage caused by styling tools. Spray it onto damp hair, get ready for smooth, frizz-free hair after drying.

Stay dry with one of the best hair dryers out there. CHI Advanced Ionic Compact Hair Dryer features an 1875-watt generator, which emits negative ions that reduce frizz and break apart molecules for decreased drying time. It has a lightweight, compact design for easy storage and comes with adjustable heat and air-speed settings. It also features Rapid Clean technology and a Blue LED light to ensure cleaner air as you style. It’s the perfect post-shower treat, and your hair will feel dry, smooth and gorgeous in no time.

To learn more about how these amazing CHI hair tools work, check out our video Introducing CHI Styling Tools.

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