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Get to Know Inside Edition’s Megan Alexander: Part Two

Get to Know Inside Edition’s Megan Alexander: Part Two

Being a TV reporter isn’t just interview skills and tenacity. Looking great is part of the job, too. To find out what it takes to shine onscreen, we asked Inside Edition’s Megan Alexander to share her secrets for getting gorgeous in real life—and in reel life.


Talk to us about your beauty routine.

“I basically have two of them. I have my Monday through Wednesday beauty routine, when I’m on camera all day long, and then my Thursday through Sunday routine, when I’m with my family, which is a bit more relaxed.”


Okay, so what’s involved on the days you’re filming?

“People assume that we have a makeup artist, but I do it all myself. When I’m filming, I do primer, serum, full-coverage foundation, concealer, bronzer—all of it. In terms of color, it depends on what stories we’re doing that day. If I’m doing a red carpet or fashion story, I can kind of go crazy. If I’m covering a court case or the election though, I need to be professional and stick with natural colors. The whole routine’s probably 20 to 30 minutes, but I try to get it down to a science, because sometimes I have to slap it on in 10 minutes if we have a last-minute breaking news story.”


And if you’re not going to be on camera?

“I try to just wear a tinted moisturizer with a little powder on top, mascara, bronzer, a little lipgloss, and that’s basically it. I try to let my skin breathe, because I’m wearing so much when I’m at work. Plus, I have two little boys, and I’m lucky if I have ten minutes in the morning to get ready!”


Do you have a favorite makeup look for daytime?

“I love a very natural, bronzed, peachy-brown look. I have brown eyes, so I love playing with brown colors and nudes. I have a ton of nude lipsticks. They’re kind of my go to.”


Favorite Avon products at the moment?

“I’m currently addicted to the True Color Nourishing Lipstick in Berry Sangria and True Color SuperExtend Nourishing Mascara!*


What about for a night out?

“I still love pretty, natural makeup, but then I do a pop of color with purple or pink lipstick. I’m more inclined to go with color on the lips than a crazy cat eye or something.”


What about your skin-care routine?

“I try to exfoliate once a week and do a clay mask once a week. I use toner and face cream and I always wear a sunscreen, as well as sunscreen in my foundation. I went to college in California, so I was in tanning beds and in the sun and was just really bad to my skin for about four years. Now I’m paying for it and I can see the brown spots, so I’m trying to play catch up—and stay out of the sun. I am now a big fan of the airbrush spray tan!”


What travel tips have you picked up from flying so much?

“I drink tons of water, and since I’m always cold, I keep socks in my purse and I travel with a little blanket or sweater. I also love to travel in comfy clothes, so I change into work clothes in airport bathrooms all the time. And I’m constantly looking for the travel-size versions of all my products so I never have to check a bag. That’s my biggest tip – I never check a bag.  To unwind after the conference, head to the Woodhouse Day Spa in Franklin. It’s my go-to relaxation destination.”



*Megan Alexander received product from Avon to try and share her experiences.

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