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Refresh Your Makeup Bag for 2017

Refresh Your Makeup Bag for 2017

Eat well. Exercise more. Cut back on caffeine. Whatever’s on your list of resolutions, don’t forget that your makeup bag probably needs a New Year’s overhaul, too! As the seasons change, so do your skin’s needs, and that means a few little tweaks to your beauty routine. Make these five easy swaps and we’re quite sure you’ll look better and feel better straight into 2017. And, really, isn’t that what resolutions are all about?

1. Go for a heavier moisturizer.

Flawless foundation application begins with proper moisturization, it becomes doubly important in the winter when humidity levels plummet and skin gets drier. The fix: Shelve your lightweight lotions or gels and switch to richer cream formulas. We love Avon ANEW Ultimate Supreme Advanced Performance Crème. Not only is the luxurious formula incredibly hydrating, but it contains powerful anti-agers like Tahitian black pearl and gold mineral extract.

2. Step up your foundation.

To further compensate for dry skin, you may want to reach for a creamier, hydrating formula like Avon ANEW Age-Transforming Foundation. And while you’re at it, consider going one shade lighter this time of year. “Our skin color often gets more fair in winter when we’re spending less time in the sun, so you may need to tweak your foundation shade,” says Avon celebrity makeup artist Lauren Andersen. And a slightly lighter shade of foundation that better matches your skin tone, will ensure that the overall effect looks much more natural.

3. Add a rosy flush.

As skin loses color in the winter, it can often look sallow and washed out. Remedy that with a quick swipe of blush! A pink or rosy shade will brighten your face instantly and give you a pretty just-in-from-the-cold flush. It’s also a smart idea to change to cream formulas in winter, which will be more moisturizing than powders. We love Avon Be Blushed Cheek Color.

4. Pop open a fresh mascara.

To keep your eyes safe and healthy, mascaras should be replaced every three months, because the constant flow of air that sneaks in every time you open and close the tube. This excess air causes the formula to thicken over time, which leads to poor performance—a.k.a. the dreaded clumps. We like Avon Big & Multipled Volume Mascara, which adds tons of length and thickness that lasts all day without flaking. And consider setting a reminder in your phone (or writing one on your actual calendar, if you’re old school) for three months from now to alert yourself when it’s time to switch out for another new tube.

5. Lay off your lipgloss.

While the breeziness of gloss is just-right for summer, a more substantial, true lipstick usually feels more appropriate once the temperature drops. (Bonus: The richer, heartier color payoff helps bring life to your winter-weary complexion!) Try Avon Ultra Color Lipstick. Consider going seasonal with your shade, too. Dark lipcolors like berry and wine are huge—and just right for the season. “I love a deep lip right now, especially with a winter white outfit,” says Andersen.

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