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Sofía Vergara on Good Sense In Business, and Good Scents In Life

Sofía Vergara on Good Sense In Business, and Good Scents In Life

The bombshell dresses, the shiny tresses, the shimmering skin— Sofía Vergara just looks like she smells divine (surprise: she does!). The actress, entrepreneur, and beauty aficionado is as fragrance-savvy as she is funny, which makes her the perfect fit for her new scent for Avon, So Very Sofia by Sofía Vergara. The bold and feminine fragrance launching this fall captures the signature Sofía creativity, passion and confidence.

Avon’s Beauty for a Purpose checked in with the star to talk about building her brand, note by note.

On camera, you’re known for your comedic skills; off camera, you’ve built a business empire. What was the turning point when you realized you could leverage your fame into a thriving brand? 

It’s funny—I never knew I could act. My career is a gift, because it’s something I didn’t dream about when I was growing up. Even once I was in the business, I never wanted to only be an actress or a celebrity—I also wanted a business. I’m doing what I love, but I also have my endorsements and charities that I support.


Your success embodies Avon’s mission of empowering women. What drew you to the company?

Avon offers women a way to build their confidence and achieve financial security, and I strongly believe in that goal. Making this fragrance available exclusively through Avon is my way of supporting their mission. I want to help empower each woman to take control of her life, and go for her highest ambitions.


What are your words of wisdom to aspiring entrepreneurs?

Find what makes you unique. When I came to the U.S. from Colombia, I spent so much time and money on speech coaches but I wasn’t getting any jobs because I was so focused on the pronunciation that I would forget to act. Then I realized, my accent is what makes me stand out—it’s my brand.


Speaking of your brand, we can totally imagine your TV character Gloria DelgadoPritchett as a successful Avon Representative.

Gloria would be a great in sales—who wouldn’t love to buy perfume and makeup from her?


We certainly would! What do you look for in a scent?

I’ve always loved perfumes, even as a young girl. Growing up in Colombia, smelling good was a big deal, and perfume was a common gift. I spray it on my wrists, behind my ears, on my clothing, even in my hair. I’m drawn to warm and fruity scents, so what I’ve created with Avon is strong but not too serious—like me. There’s even a hint of Flor de Mayo Orchid, the national flower of Colombia.

Tell us about your beauty closet.

I’m a crazy beauty junkie. My skin gets dry, so I use hydrating anti-aging creams every night. I prefer colorful lipstick for when I went to be bold or fancy. The beauty tip I learned from my mother is, ‘Put on some lipstick.’ It’s a Latin thing. Now I know what shades look good on me, and I always have lipstick with me. It just makes you look and feel pulled together.


As for your other closet—what’s your No. 1 style tip? 

Find a good tailor! Wearing clothes that fit as if they were made for you always makes you well dressed. Honestly, sometimes I spend more on alterations than on the actual outfits.


So Very Sofia by Sofía Vergara has been described as “vivacious. When do you feel the most vivacious? 

Being with my family makes me feel happy and alive, especially when we’re having an adventure like traveling to a new place. I grew up in Latin America, where we were all together, all of the time. Being successful is more rewarding when you can share it with loved ones.

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