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The Benefits of Jojoba Oil for Skin

The Benefits of Jojoba Oil for Skin

Jojoba oil is a wax-like oil derived from the jojoba plant, which grows in California, Arizona and Mexico. Jojoba oil was traditionally used by Native Americans to help heal wounds, and it’s now used commonly in skin care products due to its numerous benefits. Featuring vitamins like vitamin E and vitamin B and minerals like chromium, copper and zinc, jojoba oil has anti-inflammatory properties, is extremely moisturizing, and helps soothe sensitive skin while helping reduce redness. We’ve rounded up our best products made with jojoba oil that will give you nourished, healthy skin.

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To help nourish and heal your complexion with jojoba oil, try Green Goddess Facial Oil, infused with 100mg of CBD. This vegan formula also contains botanicals like hemp seed oil and turmeric, which blend with jojoba oil to visibly reduce redness and relieve irritation. The jojoba in this formula also infuses skin with antioxidants while helping to fight the bacteria it’s exposed to. You can also use Green Goddess to treat acne scars, and it works best as the last step of your skin care routine.

To learn more about Green Goddess Facial Oil and our CBD skin care, check out our Avon: Intro to Green Goddess Facial Oil (soothe sensitive skin) video.

For the ultimate soothing experience, indulge in our Veilment CBD Body Creams – Veilment CBD Soothing & Nourishing Body Cream & Veilment CBD Nourishing Body Cream – made with jojoba oil, hemp seed oil, turmeric and 100mg of CBD. These creams will help reduce irritation and dryness to leave skin soothed and moisturized. Like Green Goddess, the jojoba oil in these formulas helps fight the effects of skin’s exposure to bacteria. The result? Your skin will feel clean, green and serene. For even more moisture, see our full collection of body lotions.

Our iconic Skin So Soft Original formula was one of our first products to contain jojoba oil.

Treat yourself to a relaxing bath or shower with Skin So Soft Original Bath Oil. Formulated with jojoba oil, this luxury bath oil will open your pores for maximum moisture absorption. The jojoba oil will replicate your skin’s natural oils and soothe dryness so skin feels healthy and silky-smooth to the touch. Not to mention, the herbal scent will awaken and uplift your senses.

See the benefits of this indulgent bath oil by watching our Nourish Skin with Skin So Soft Original Bath Oil video.

After bathing, follow up with the complementary Skin So Soft Original Body Lotion, featuring the same iconic jojoba oil formula. Its crisp floral scent and infusion of botanicals will leave you smelling fresh and clean, while the jojoba oil locks in moisture. One of the best lotions for dry skin, this formula will provide 24 hours of hydration while leaving skin irresistible to the touch.

Give hands a splash of hydration with Skin So Soft Original Replenishing Hand Cream, also formulated with jojoba oil for a fresh herbal scent and 24+ hours of moisture. This smooth hand lotion gives hands a renewed, healthy radiance, leaving skin feeling nourished, conditioned and sensually soft. View the rest of our moisturizing hand creams.

We hope you’re ready to experience the many benefits of jojoba oil. Use any of the above formulas and your skin will feel soothed, moisturized and nourished.

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