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12 Months of Empowerment: Grow, Take Risks, And Get Ahead

12 Months of Empowerment: Grow, Take Risks, And Get Ahead

2016 marks Beauty for a Purpose’s year of a more empowered self. Follow along with us each month as we tackle a new goal for a more savvy, successful, and empowering year.

12 months of empowerment calendar

Professional growth is about more than just hard work. Sometimes, it’s about taking risks. But when it comes to putting ourselves out there, women often fall behind. Studies have shown that men are likely to apply for a job if they meet 60 percent of the required qualifications, while women tend to wait until they feel they are 100-percent qualified before putting their name in the hat. Such hesitation, when applied to starting a new venture or even your side hustle, could be holding you back.

How do you conquer self-doubt to flex those success muscles? Beauty for a Purpose consulted the experts for their pro tips on how to grow and be fearless in 2016.

Find purpose.

A string of risk-taking endeavors led Lauren Schiller to her dream opportunity as host of her own radio show and podcast, Inflection Point, on which she interviews influential women about changing the status quo. According to Schiller, the most powerful women know where they want to be and how they’ll get there. Feeling unsure of your path? Make two lists: one of the things you’re good at, and one of the things you enjoy doing. Next, brainstorm the endeavors or places that will draw upon both categories. “The risks I’ve taken over the years have been based on my confidence that I will find or create the right situation when I know what I want, and on my willingness to do the work it takes to achieve my goals,” says Schiller. 

Embrace challenge.

Venturing out of your comfort zone often leads to growth. Take it from Tess Vigeland, who has lived the premise of her book Leap: Leaving a Job with No Plan B to Find the Career and Life You Really Want and is currently traveling through Southeast Asia as a freelance journalist. “Challenges make us examine where we are and where we want to be,” she tells us. You don’t necessarily even have to challenge yourself in the part of your life you want to transform. “Start an exercise routine or learn a new skill,” suggests Vigeland. “You will find that other changes start falling into place.”

Pool resources.

“If something seems too hard to achieve, you can either pass on the opportunity or you can double down and figure out what resources you have to get it done,” Schiller tells us. That might mean calling upon friends or colleagues who can help, doing some extra research, or just rethinking how prior experience qualifies you more than you initially thought. Schiller says don’t stop there. “Once you think you have the solution, push yourself just a little bit farther.”


One of the biggest advantages of taking a risk might be the self-assurance it instills. “Striking out on my own showed me that I had value and could make it all work out,” says Vigeland. And the better you get at putting yourself out there, the bigger challenges you can take on in the future, Vigeland explains, “Once you get through the discomfort, you find a new confidence in your own ability.”

Follow along with our 12 Months Of Empowerment:

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