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12 Months Of Empowerment: Loving Yourself Is The Most Important Beauty Trick

12 Months Of Empowerment: Loving Yourself Is The Most Important Beauty Trick

2016 marks Beauty for a Purpose’s year of a more empowered self. Follow along with us each month as we tackle a new goal for a more savvy, successful, and empowering year.



We deem the entire month of February the ideal time to incorporate self-love into your routine. Whether you nurture yourself internally or take some extra pride in your outward appearance, get ready to make 2016 the year you fall head-over-heels in love — with yourself.

See your reflection in a new light.

We’re all guilty of zeroing in on what we don’t love about ourselves during makeup application. “Instead, start focusing on what you do like,” says self-love coach and author Abiola Abrams. “When you’re looking in the mirror, salute, enjoy, and revel in your own beauty.” You can even use self-affirmations like, “Look how beautiful my eyes are!” or “My lips are gorgeous!”

Discover your power product.

This month, find the beauty product that makes you feel your best. “Even something as simple as a swipe of mascara or lipstick can help you feel beautiful and give you a surge of confidence,” says blogger Liz Cherkasova of Late Afternoon. Her pick? Going big with lashes. “I love the look of long, full, jet black lashes to the point where I feel naked without at least a coat or two of mascara. It’s an instant confidence booster for me,” she says. For Rouge18 founder and writer Amber Katz, a sweep of brown eyeliner is her beauty uniform. “It brings out the color of my eyes and makes me feel happier with my appearance,” she notes.

Find a way to unwind.

If you don’t think stress relief is an important part of your beauty regimen — think again. “Our skin is our biggest beauty organ,” says Abrams. “Being able to let go of daily struggles decreases the inflammation that can lead to wrinkles and aging.” Bonus: Nurturing yourself with meditation, yoga, or just a quiet evening at home will have a trickle-down effect. As you start to feel better about your skin, you’ll likely have more courage to wear that aforementioned vibrant lipstick color.

Transform with a DIY beauty treatment.

DIY treatments are a great way to give yourself some love without breaking the bank. “Pamper yourself with a pedicure or make time for a skincare mask on a Sunday,” suggests Katz. Abrams recommends spending a chilly February afternoon indulging in a luxurious milk bath, mixing a bubble bath with straight-up milk from your fridge. “It will bring you beauty and power, and change the way that you move in the world,” she says.

Keep a beauty journal.

Before you go to bed, write down five to ten things that made you feel beautiful that day. Think about how you saw beauty in your surroundings, in yourself, or in others. The benefit? Abrams explains, “When we acknowledge the beauty around us, we start to notice it more within ourselves.”

Go on a self-date.

Rolling solo has advantages beyond giving you the chance to unapologetically do something you’ll really enjoy, like taking yourself to a movie. “When you take time in your own company, unafraid of whether people are wondering if you’re alone, you start to build that confidence muscle,” Abrams says, “and confidence is the most attractive makeup you can wear.”

Follow along with our 12 Months Of Empowerment:

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