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Celebrating Women's Equality Day August 26


Aug 23, 2022
Women’s Equality Day

Every year on August 26, we celebrate Women’s Equality Day: a holiday that commemorates the 1920 adoption of the 19th Amendment, which gave U.S. women the right to vote. This monumental achievement only came about because of the tireless efforts of passionate, fearless women—something that still inspires Avon a century later and helps drive Avon’s mission to celebrate women’s power to make a beautiful and positive impact in the world.  

For more than 135 years, since before women even had the right to vote, Avon has been at the forefront of women’s equality, creating a path to independence with a new way to earn their own income. Avon continues to celebrate women’s equality every day!

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In celebration of Women’s Equality Day, we asked the Avon community to submit nominations of women who have impacted their lives and inspired them so we can celebrate them and share their stories. Read on to learn about these incredible and inspirational women.

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Nominee: Deb D.
Nominator: Melissa W.

I was born in 1972 in a very small, rural town in Pennsylvania. My Caucasian mother had never met a Black person, much less talked to one, before she met and fell in love with my father, an African-American man from Alabama. Long story short, they fell madly in love and conceived me. My mom's mother (my grandma) disowned my mother for dating a man of color. When I was born, however, my grandma changed her tune and loved me unconditionally. My mother and father could not stay together, so she raised me alone. Growing up, I knew that my mom dealt with massive amounts of racism, but she never let on. She worked three jobs without a vehicle most of the time just to make sure I was taken care of. She did the very best she could for me, and I will always be amazed by her sheer will and determination. She taught me how to be a strong, independent woman in a man's world. She taught me to realize that there is beauty in everything and everyone. I am now 50 years old with two grown children of my own and STILL cannot comprehend how my mom did it. She is my rock, my hero, my friend. She is my mother.

Nominee: Tabitha A.
Nominator: Kaitlyn M.

As a single mother, Tabitha has continued to show every lady she comes in contact with how to be a warrior. She has had Type 1 diabetes since she was young. Five years ago, she was diagnosed with breast cancer; after losing both breasts and having to have a full hysterectomy, she has continued to support and educate others on early detection and the importance of regular checkups. Since then, she has been diagnosed with end-stage renal disease and has dialysis four times a week. She has been attempting to get put on the transplant list but has had to have many procedures, including open heart surgery, to get clearance from the transplant team. She continues to do all of this with a smile on her face, positivity in her soul and while handing out Avon [brochures] to her medical team. Tabitha's goodness and loving nature are the reason that she is able to reach out to so many individuals. I would love to share her story and early detection tips with the world!!!

Nominee: Christina L.
Nominator: Miracle T.

After my parent's divorce, my mom and I were practically homeless and struggling to live. On top of having to deal with the heartbreak from the divorce, my mom had to go from not working to finding a way to make money for us to basically survive. Luckily, she found Avon, which changed our lives for the greater. She was able to get us an income-based apartment [and the money she made from] Avon paid for all of our bills. She was passionate about what she did. She is an amazing woman who has conquered so much in life. She was able to get us through just by selling Avon. I realized how much of an inspiration Avon has been to us that I started selling Avon two years ago, and it's helped me have extra spending money for my 3-year-old and 5-year-old. My mom and dad were able to settle their differences years later and got remarried four years ago and are still married to this day. I'm so blessed to have a mother like her. She has shown me that women can not only be providers but that women can also be inspiring.

Nominee: Milagros G.
Nominators: Candice S., Elizabeth H.

I nominate Avon Representative mentor Milagros Garcia because of how she works so hard to help educate her team members to reach their full potential in their Avon business. I am so grateful to have her as a mentor, and I know I would not have been successful without her help. I enjoy her friendship and the encouragement that she gives to all her team members. I greatly appreciate her in so many ways that I cannot just explain it in one sentence. – Candice

Milagros is very charismatic. She reaches out if you have any questions, even if you're not on her team. She has great ideas so others can be productive with their own business. I've been following all her social media [pages] for a few years. And let me say that I love how she has accomplished so much, and her husband walks right by her side, making each other stronger. – Elizabeth

Nominee: Julie T.
Nominator: Susan H.

When I became an Avon Representative, I was so shy I couldn't talk to anyone, but I knew I wanted to build a team to make money to someday do Avon full time and travel for free with Avon. Julie took me out to find new customers and team members. I was so scared I didn't know what to say to people. Julie told me just talk to people and tell them about Avon and what you love, so I did. And I started to get people telling me they loved Avon and wanted to order items and join my team. I have been through some hard times, but Julie has always been there by my side and said, "Ok, we have to move on. We will go from here." And she would help me however she saw was best. So many times, I wanted to give up, but Julie would always say, "We just need to move on from this." If it weren't for her to keep helping and pushing me to do better, I wouldn't be where I am today. Julie has inspired me to keep building my business and keep my dream alive!! Thank you for everything and for always believing in me.