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5 Tips For Being Your Own Boss

5 Tips For Being Your Own Boss

Mark your calendar: October 16th is National Boss’s Day, a moment we absolutely love to honor here at Avon. After all, though the term “Girl Boss” only recently entered the trendy lexicon, it’s something Avon has believed in for much, much longer. In fact, Avon has been championing female leaders for over 130 years, helping women earn an income, gain independence, and truly live the Boss Life. To celebrate the day, we asked two of the best beauty bosses we know—Avon celebrity makeup artist the Kelsey Deenihan and Avon Representative Ivanna Diaz—to share some secrets of success. So, whether you’ve been running a business for years, or are just now thinking about going out on your own, read on to learn and to be inspired!

1. Be disciplined.

If you’re punching a clock or working with a supervisor constantly peering over your shoulder, there’s going to be accountability. But when it’s just you, you have to supervise yourself. “With no one steering you in a certain direction, it’s up to you to stay on course,” says Deenihan. “Being a party of one can be an immense amount of pressure, but dealing with it is as easy as being organized. Organization is the key to staying sane—not overwhelmed—and on track.” For Deenihan that means studying her upcoming day’s schedule every single night, and regularly reviewing weekly and monthly schedules with her agent.

2. Do the work.

Money doesn’t grow on trees—and neither do sales. It sounds simple, but if you want to see results, you have to put in the time to make things happen. “When you are your own boss, nothing is going to happen if you don't take action,” says Diaz. “The more time you set aside to do money-producing activities, the more results you'll see. The most common excuse I hear from people who give up is that they didn't make any money. But when I ask them what actions they took, they usually don't have much to say. You can't be surprised you didn't make any money if you didn't put much time aside for your business.”

3. Take risks.

Think of the biggest business successes you look up to, know that none of these businesses got to where they are by playing it safe and doing the same old, same old. So, don’t be afraid to try new ideas and take chances. “There’s never a right time or a good time; there’s always going to be an element of uncertainty to taking that leap of faith,” says Deenihan. “It’s going to be scary, but if you stick with it and understand that a few setbacks don’t mean failure, you’ll be ok.”

4. Outsource.

Burnout is real, so avoid it by delegating when you need to. This could mean hiring a helper or a virtual assistant, or even asking friends or family members to pitch in. “I may not have time to do everything on my to-do list, but when my husband helps me, we both get to reap the benefits of the rewards,” says Diaz. Consider asking others to help with tasks that either aren’t your strengths or that you just don’t enjoy doing. “He is better with numbers and loves to talk to people, so he can really help me when I lack a skill in a certain area,” Diaz says.

5. Just do it.

If you’re still slaving away at your desk job, dreaming about taking the plunge to become your own boss, allow us to humbly say: Go for it! “Don't wait; there will never be a better time to do something positive for yourself other than the present moment,” says Diaz. “The best thing you can do for yourself is to take a chance on you.” Sure, there are risks and fears associated with going out on your own, but the rewards are many. “Since becoming my own boss, I am able to work on my own terms, become financially independent, and have fun while making money,” says Diaz. “I have confidence in myself and I feel empowered.” And really, is there anything more beautiful than that?



Feeling inspired to become your own beauty boss? Click here to become an Avon Representative today!

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