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Why You Should Find a Representative: Reps Love to Help People


Jun 16, 2021
Representatives are the heart of Avon. Over the past 135 years, Representatives have maintained our direct selling business model, selling Avon door to door, in person, by phone, online or through social networking. Reps have reached beauty lovers all over the country, spreading the word about our iconic products and continue to do so today.
Find a Representative
Lynn I. loves shopping with her Representative, Valerie, because she is accommodating and efficient.

“My mom, sister and I have ordered Avon through Valerie for years,” Lynn says.  “She mails the brochures to us and as my mom has no access to internet, she calls Valerie to place her orders.”

Jamie S. also enjoys shopping with her Rep, Betty, as Betty always caters to her schedule and she can always rely on her when she needs help making a purchase.

“My rep is the sweetest, friendliest, joy-filled ball of energy you could ever meet,” Jamie says. “She is always helpful and goes above and beyond to make sure her customers are comfortable and satisfied with their purchase. She makes herself available which is something that is more rare in the day of online sales. She is in contact with her customer base and always offers to help.”
When everyone was staying home during COVID-19, Avon Representative Mimi spent her time delivering orders in person to customers’ houses.

“Mimi is always willing to do whatever it takes to get you what you need,” said her customer, Christine A.  “Even with Covid-19 she never stopped to get our orders for us.  She would meet us outside and wear a mask to make sure you get what you needed.”
Angela G. says that her Representative, Cynthia consistently communicates about new product launches and always recommends things she might like according to her needs. Angela appreciates all the time and effort that Cynthia puts in to the creating a tailored shopping experience.

“She has a gift to personalize the experience with you and every product she's suggested I end up loving,” says Angela. “She provides samples to her customers…and has opened a forum so we can share our own suggestions in products.”