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AVON 39 Campaign Stars Walk the Walk to Eradicate Breast Cancer

AVON 39 Campaign Stars Walk the Walk to Eradicate Breast Cancer

How did an Avon Representative and employee become two of the #fierceisforever faces featured in the AVON 39 The Walk to End Breast Cancer 2017 ad campaign? We caught up with New York City walk participants Laura Whitaker and Christina Satturo, on the set of the this year’s photo shoot to learn more. Each shared their individual AVON 39 warrior stories, talked about their experience starring in the 2017 philanthropic campaign, and how they’re getting ready for this year’s event.



Laura Whitaker, Avon Representative

When did you participate in your first AVON 39 walk?

In October 2016, I embarked on my first AVON 39 Walk in New York City. Earlier that year, I was actually battling breast cancer myself, but fortunately completed my last treatment in March. As I came out of remission, I decided to walk with my family who was fundraising and walking in my honor. Together, we walked for local women that didn’t have that same support I had…because that steadfast care can truly make a difference in recovery. We spent the whole weekend either laughing or crying, meeting other families and survivors along the route.

What are you most looking forward to this year?

The AVON 39 is a tough walk, but a phenomenal experience. Knowing my own limits, I had to stop at mile 34 last year, but am excited to complete the full journey this October. I’ve already begun my training, from doing a lot of yoga and elliptical bike, and can’t wait to get outside for more walks now that it’s warm. As far as fundraising, my family’s team - “We are family, I have all my tatas with me” - has already raised over $4,000 and we’re just getting started!

How does it feel to star in the 2017 advertising campaign?

It’s so exciting to be featured in this year’s campaign! I had such a fun time on the set of the photoshoot, and never did anything like that before. Being an Avon Representative and AVON 39 walker, it’s fulfilling to be a part of something so empowering. AVON 39 is such an inspirational event, and I recommend everyone walk at least once. And if not walk, there are many ways to get involved from helping donate to walkers, purchasing fundraising products from Representatives or simply cheering on the crowds.



Christina Saturro, Avon Employee

How did you get involved with Avon 39?

I walked my first AVON 39 event in fall 2014 in New York City. Earlier that year, I had joined Avon as an employee in its fashion department, so it was a great way for me to get involved and build relationships with other coworkers throughout the Avon corporate family – or what we call “Team Avon.” Additionally, the cause hit home as my grandmother and aunt had breast cancer. Last year, a young friend of mine was also diagnosed, so participating in AVON 39 has become a way for me to support these relationships, and all women impacted by the horrible disease that is breast cancer.

What’s been your favorite part of the event?

The actual event has been so incredibly inspiring. Every mile along the 39.3 mile trek, I’ve met survivors, patients, non-profits, and people who have been personally impacted by the disease through friends and family. It’s more than a walk, you literally see and experience where the funds you raised are going. That has had a strong impact on me emotionally these last two years I’ve participated - feeling as though I’ve been a part of Avon making a difference.

How does it feel to star in the 2017 advertising campaign?

I feel honored to have been selected by Avon to be featured in this year’s campaign! I’m usually the one behind the lens of the photoshoot, helping style the models, so it’s been really exciting. I am proud to use my voice and the walk as way to spread awareness for this amazing event and cause.



Think you have what it takes? Join us now!

AVON 39 The Walk to End Breast Cancer is a two-day, 39.3-mile trek in seven cities - Boston, Chicago, Washington DC, Houston, New York, San Francisco and Santa Barbara - to raise funds for research, awareness, and education, while providing assistance for families of people diagnosed with breast cancer. The events occur between April to October, rain or shine. Since its launch in 2003, the AVON 39 event series has raised over $620 million through the dedication of nearly 235,000 participating women and men from across the country, including hundreds of Avon Associates and Representatives. To register and learn more about AVON 39, visit or join the #FierceIsForever conversation on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram.

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