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Blogger Spotlight on Angela Lanter

Blogger Spotlight on Angela Lanter

Beauty and style blogger, Angela Lanter, shares her Boss Life story and tells us how she got her start in the industry.


What does the term Boss Life mean to you?

To me, the term “Boss Life” is simple. It means creating a life which you are the boss of. For me personally, that means being in control of my own day. I run my schedule. But that also means being in sole charge of my tasks and responsibilities.

How did you get started as a blogger?

I freelanced while living in Ohio, doing hair and makeup for weddings, special events… Basically anyone who was willing to be my guinea pig, I would makeover! I cut my girlfriends' hair in high school, colored hair, taught makeup skills and threaded pretty much every girl I know. I was completely self-taught. Beauty and fashion have always been my passion but I didn’t know how to turn that into a career. I took a “Big girl job” in the insurance industry and worked my way up to the position of a fraud investigator. In January 2013, when Pinterest was taking the world by storm, my girlfriends in LA really encouraged me to start a blog and share my passions (beauty, fashion, lifestyle, etc.) with the internet. My husband, actor Matt Lanter, came up with the name, and Hello Gorgeous was born. We got married in June 2013, moved to New Orleans for his next tv series, Star-Crossed, so I quit my job and decided to put my focus on blogging. Later that year, we launched our YouTube Channel and have been growing ever since.

What made you want to live the Boss Life?

My friend’s encouragement is what lit the flame. The ability to follow my dreams and turn my passions into a reality is what kept me going.

What has been the most empowering part of your career as a blogger?

The ability to make my own schedule. My marriage is #1 to me. Creating a business that I can take anywhere in the world was the biggest driver for me. I want to be able to pick up and go with my husband, since his job moves us frequently. See this blog post for what being married to an actor is really like.  

Where do you hope to take your brand in the next 2 years?

My purpose for starting Hello Gorgeous was to help every woman who visited us leave feeling a little more gorgeous. I want to help cultivate women empowerment. To encourage women to love on each other, to raise each other up. To make social media a more positive place. I don’t allow harsh comments or negativity on Hello Gorgeous. I want to continue to make it a safe place for women to visit and feel good about the content that they consume. I’d love to eventually branch into the products space and channel my creativity into products I would not only use but am excited to share with other women just like you and me.

How important to you is female empowerment and supporting fellow women in business?

The most important aspect of business, in my opinion! The world has so much negativity. You can’t pick up a magazine and read a cover without reading derogatory headlines about other women or seeing images or headlines that make you feel bad about yourself. I have a close-knit group of girlfriends in my industry (who I refer to as my “Blogger Babes”) and we constantly encourage each other, bounce ideas off each other and most importantly, have enough love and trust in each other that we can give honest feedback. I so badly want to see other women in the business world establish these types of relationships. But that change has to first start within ourselves. To remove insecurities and jealousy. To allow themselves to first be happy for their women peers instead of having feelings of envy. When we hear of other women accomplishing great things or receiving accolades, so often our gut reaction is to be jealous. If we could train ourselves to instead be happy and then think, if that happened for her, then that means there are opportunities out there for me as well.

What's it like working with a brand like Avon, who has empowered women to live the Boss Life for decades?

I love being able to work with a company created for women, with women at the heart of it. Women understand best what products we need and want. I love that Avon keeps women at the center of the brand and continues, for so many years, to empower every woman that experiences Avon in any capacity.

What advice do you have for young women who want a career as a blogger or how they can live their best Boss Life?

Don’t be like the rest of them. Bloggers are a dime a dozen. Figure out what it is that you can offer the world, what it is that makes you stand out from the rest. Be true to yourself and that will shine through your work. Only post about what you truly love and always be completely authentic.

What has been your biggest struggle as you've built your brand?

Work/Life balance. Blogging is running your own business. When you take it seriously, it’s not a hobby, it’s a legitimate career choice. I’ve never worked so hard and such long hours in my entire life.

What has been your favorite "Boss Life" moment since launching your blog?

The moment that I realized that Hello Gorgeous is actually a company. I had put literal blood, sweat and tears into my brand and the moment the realization struck me that I had actually started a successful business was such a proud moment in my life.

What is your Beauty Boss Tip?

Take care of your skin! Boss babes tend to get stressed, so be sure you’re drinking lots of water and paying attention to your skin. I always say, beautiful makeup begins with beautiful skin.

To hear more from Angela check out her blog:


Angela partnered with and was compensated by Avon on this interview.

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