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Blogger Spotlight on Lainy Hedaya

Blogger Spotlight on Lainy Hedaya

 Style blogger, Lainy Hedaya, shares her Boss Life story and tells us how she got her start in the industry


What does living the Boss Life mean to you?

Living the Boss life means being responsible for not just yourself, but other people. That responsibility goes just as deep as people’s happiness. The work environment can be a very stressful place, especially if you’re a start-up, because roles are still very unclear. I have had to learn to delegate, trust, and most importantly communicate well, which is a daily work in progress.

How did you get started as a blogger?

I got started when blogs were kind of a new thing, so I have been around for a while. I had to learn the ropes along with the rest of the pioneers in the beginning. And now it’s an actual career. How amazing is that?

What made you want to live the Boss Life?

I think I am an idea person, and I think “idea people” are mentally scattered, and need people to put order to those ideas. So, I don’t think I would be happy having a boss because my ideas would probably make them nervous, and in result make me nervous, unless they let me take the reins. Most environments are not into ideas because ideas can be risky. So, it takes someone who is crazy enough to think their ideas would work and take those risks.

What has been the most empowering part of your career as a blogger?

Realizing I am the driver in my career and in my life.

Where do you hope to take your brand in the next two years?

I hope to start producing more and hire a bigger team.

How important to you is female empowerment and supporting fellow women in business?

I think supporting women entrepreneurship and career goals is a ripple effect in that it becomes something women can then relate to. Sometimes it can be hard to balance everything, and all you need is the organizational tools from another woman to make your dreams happen. I think we forget that male figures are not as relatable, and sometimes it takes a boss chick to make us feel like all is possible.

What's it like working with a brand like Avon, who has empowered women to live the Boss Life for decades?

I think that working with a brand that gives women the confidence to be passionate and explore themselves is very important. If you ever feel like you’re not using your brain, go stimulate it.

What advice do you have for young women who want a career as a blogger or how they can live their best Boss Life?

Learn how to say “NO!” and stop apologizing. Always do what is for the good of your company. There is a way to be firm, and still feminine.

What has been your biggest struggle as you've built your brand?

Delegating and hiring the right people.

What has been your favorite "Boss Life" moment since launching your blog?

Always just making my clients happy and getting happy emails from them, and everyone is happy.

What is your #BeautyBoss Tip?

Master doing your makeup in less than 15 minutes.


To hear more from Lainy, visit her blog:


Header Imagery Credit- Adam Katz Sinding

Lainy partnered with and was compensated by Avon on this interview.

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