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Dress Like A Boss: Anh Sundstrom of 9to5Chic’s Tailored Advice

Dress Like A Boss: Anh Sundstrom of 9to5Chic’s Tailored Advice

headshot of Anh wearing coat and red lipstick

Photo by 9to5 Chic

Getting dressed for work—coffee date in the morning, meetings in the afternoon, and networking event in the evening—can be a challenge, in the most fun way. Do you go for the navy turtleneck and flats, or high-waisted skirt and heels?

For a little inspiration, check out 9to5Chic, Anh Sundstrom’s personal style diary of on- and off-duty ensembles that kill it in both the style and career departments.

After changing course from a more conservative industry (medical devices) to a creative one (marketing), she’s got all the trends covered. Beauty for a Purpose checked in with the San Francisco-based blogger on how to make confident choices for your closet.

Tell us what it means to be 9-to-5 chic.

A few years into my career, I realized that I was spending the bulk of my week in work wear. Prioritizing my wardrobe with that in mind was a huge shift for me. I knew it was important to build a wardrobe of classic pieces that would last, but I also wanted to make sure I could still bring my own personal style to it.

I decided that chronicling my daily outfits would be a fun way to experiment. Over the last few years my workplace has become decidedly more casual, but I can’t help but still be drawn to modern, classic silhouettes. I might wear more denim now, though!

What’s the connection between one’s fashion choices and how you’re perceived in the workplace?

There are so many ways to stand out in a positive way: having stellar work ethic, demonstrating resourcefulness, or quite simply, following through in a timely manner. Your wardrobe and how you present yourself is just another way to stand out. I feel strongly that I’ve had more growth opportunities in my career because my managers trusted that I could represent myself in a professional manner.

Fill in the blank: To feel confident and in control, every woman should own ________

A white blouse, cropped trousers, and a well-tailored blazer.

Name your fail-proof outfit for an important interview or meeting.

An elbow-sleeve sheath dress, belted. With the right dress, you can also layer a white button-down shirt underneath so that the collar peeks through. Above all, fit is everything. I am partial to clothing that is not tight, but not too loose—a dress that barely grazes the body is so elegant and professional.

Fashion is a great means of expression. How do you incorporate your personality into your wardrobe while still looking professional?

Small details personalize an outfit: a simple tuck of the sweater, a layered blouse, signature jewelry. And we can’t forget the shoes! Shoes are a wonderful way to bring personality into your outfit.

Personal style changes with one’s mood. What’s your remedy for days when you’re feeling less than boss-like?

For me, lipstick is the game changer. It instantly makes me look and feel more alive and ready to dive into the next challenge.

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