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Get to Know Inside Edition’s Megan Alexander: Part One

Get to Know Inside Edition’s Megan Alexander: Part One

Who doesn’t complain about their commute, right? But most of us probably don’t have a trip to work that can even compare to that of TV reporter Megan Alexander. The 37 -year-old jets back and forth between two different states every. single. week. “For the last four years, I’ve flown to New York City every Sunday night, and then I work Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday for Inside Edition,” she explains. “I fly home Wednesday night, and then I’m in Nashville Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.” Yet, despite the constant back and forth, Alexander has found time to write a book (Faith In The Spotlight: Thriving In Your Career While Staying True to Your Beliefs), and excel at her most important job: being a mom. We caught up with the frequent flier to talk work, faith, and kicking butt as a businesswoman.

What’s the life of a TV reporter really like?

“You have to be completely adaptable. I keep my passport in my wallet and I have a suitcase that is always packed and ready to go. Some stories are planned, but the biggest surprise to me was how often we’re reacting to breaking news. I’ve cancelled more dinner dates than I can count! A lot of it is being ready for anything and everything to the best of your ability, so you have to stay up-to-date on news and publications, what’s going on with celebrities, current events, the administration, and politics.”

Do you ever still get jitters when you go in front of the camera?

“Oh yeah. When you stop getting nervous, you’re not going to be on your A-game and do a good job, so nerves are good. But I try to just take a deep breath and think, ‘Okay, it’s not just about me right now—I need to deliver for my entire team.’ Then, I also remember that these celebrities and politicians are just people at the end of the day. The best way to break the ice with them is to talk about kids or pets and bring it down to regular life.”


How do you balance work life and mom life?

“There’s no such thing as balance, so I do not like that word. It makes us feel so guilty and I do not think I have it all together, at all! But the best advice I ever heard is ‘Be all in, in the moment.’ So when I’m with my kids, I try really hard to be all in and present with them. And when I’m at work, I try really hard to be all in at work and not constantly checking my phone looking at pictures of my kids at their soccer practice. Being intentional with my time is key. My husband is my teammate, and I am lucky to have someone who appreciates my ambition and equally shares all the duties of parenthood, so I can keep up this insane schedule."

We love your book, what is one thing you hope your book does for women? 

“I thought it was important to talk about my first salary, because women still tip toe around salaries and negotiating. I negotiated my own contract when I covered the NFL for a few years, and it was scary, but it was also incredibly empowering. It’s one of the greatest things to go through when you have to negotiate for yourself.”

What advice would you have for women who want to take ownership of their careers?

“Whether it’s a part-time job, a book, making jewelry, blogging, or anything that’s important to you, just take that first step. For me, writing a book felt like this huge, daunting task, but the key was starting small and setting small goals. Some of the best advice I got was to take out a notepad, and for 30 minutes, once a day, just write what comes to mind. If you feel overwhelmed or you see women who have that million-dollar business, don’t forget they all started somewhere and had uncertainty and insecurity, too. Just take that first step.”

Avon’s annual convention is going to take place in Nashville this year! Can you give attendees any recommendations?

“I’m so pumped you guys are coming! Nashville has a lot going on, but still has a very relaxed, down-to-earth feel. And there are so many good places to eat! Puckett’s has great Southern food, and there’s a great new spot called Uncle Julio’s, which is Mexican. For cocktails, I love Whiskey Kitchen, and there are great boutiques all over the city like Blush. To unwind after the conference, head to the Woodhouse Day Spa in Franklin. It’s my go-to relaxation destination”


Megan Alexander received product from Avon to try and share her experiences.

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