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How to Build Your Own Brand

How to Build Your Own Brand

In this week’s episode of Make It Happen: Powered by Avon, beauty influencer Lara Eurdolian shares empowering tips with host Evy DeAngelis, on how to become a standout by following your own path and leveraging your connections. Click HERE to listen to the full episode!

EVY: How did you decide to start in the blogging biz?

LARA: I was working at Mark during the Lauren Conrad days, so it was this very exciting time for the brand and was such a cool experience. That’s when I started my blog — it’s about 10 years old, so it was started before there was such a thing as a beauty blog. I never looked at this as ‘this is going to be my future,’ … this was supposed to be a hobby. There’s a timeline of blogging. First, you get free stuff. Then, you get invited to an event. Then, you get one-on-one time with the founder of a company. What I feel blessed about is that I haven’t worked at Avon for a very long time, but I still work with the brand and I still get to go to events and see what’s new. I’m also constantly reinventing myself and creating a world that I want to live in. I’m trying to pioneer ways that I can work with brands that are exciting for me so I can stay fresh.

EVY: What does beauty mean to you?

LARA: If I had to sum it up in one word, it’s confidence. It’s how you’re living and what you’re putting out there. You have to try new things in order to succeed. Give yourself a boundary to fail or at least try and learn to put yourself out there in different ways.

EVY: How did you make the transition from blogger to designer?

LARA: When making a career switch, figure out what’s on brand for you and learn about your audience. Do your research. Four years ago, I started making my own camera straps. I was so tired of wearing these big straps with logos and people started to ask me where to get the ones I was wearing. So, this past year, I decided to launch a line of camera straps for myself and other people in my space to wear. We’re in a time of street style — why can’t your camera strap look super chic and cool?

EVY: If you could go back in time, what would you say to yourself 10 years ago?

LARA: ‘It’s going to be OK.’ I was on a great trajectory in the corporate world and to give that up to go work for myself as an entrepreneur was the biggest gamble. I’d tell myself to pursue what brings you joy. Keep trying new things, don’t be complacent and have a backup plan.


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