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Lucy Hale: “Nervous Girls,” Empowered Woman — Or Somewhere Between The Two

Lucy Hale: “Nervous Girls,” Empowered Woman — Or Somewhere Between The Two

Photo courtesy of Lucy Hale.

Lucy Hale, the face of mark. and star of Pretty Little Liars, shares a Father’s Day message: 

My (much talked-about) eyebrows. It’s funny to think that when I was younger, I really didn’t like them. Now, I like them for the exact reason they annoyed me then: They make me different. Embracing your quirks (let’s not call them flaws) and feeling comfortable in your own skin is so important — but it’s not always easy.

“Nervous Girls” is a song on my album Road Between that hints at this: “I’m scared and I’m brave, or somewhere between the two.” I’ve had my fair share of ‘scared’ days — you know, those times when you start to question yourself. Maybe the boy didn’t call back. Or the audition didn’t go so well. But I try to make sure that my ‘brave’ days outnumber the rest.

I feel passionately about this because I think the world needs more girls and women that feel confident enough to speak their minds and chase their dreams. This Sunday is Father’s Day, so I can’t help but think of the supportive foundation provided by my incredible parents that has made this possible.

I’ve inherited much more from my father than my strong brows (yes, those are his genes). He was always a strong believer in whatever it was I want to excel in. All he wanted — and wants — is for his daughters to be happy in a world where many things can drag us in the opposite direction. He’s a man with a quick wit and an enormous heart. I love you Daddy, and I’m always your baby girl.

And while I know the traditional Father’s Day gesture is to give your dad a gift, this year, I’m shaking it up. I’m asking my dad to sign the Empowerment Pledge for me — and for daughters everywhere.

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