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Mother Knows Best: 7 Powerful Women Share Notable Business Advice From Their Moms

Mother Knows Best: 7 Powerful Women Share Notable Business Advice From Their Moms

It’s safe to say that our mothers are our first teachers. From kindergarten to the corner office, they help us navigate through life at every step. While we may not always solicit Mom’s advice (teenage years, anyone?), some of those wise words we heard as children still ring true as adults—whether it’s about the importance of saving or the impact of punctuality.

In fact, many entrepreneurs, influencers and professionals credit their mothers for imparting crucial knowledge that has been key to their careers. In honor of Mother’s Day, Avon’s Beauty for a Purpose caught up with a few of our favorite women in beauty and business to share the best advice they’ve received from their first mentors, consultants and advisors — Mom.



Time-Management Maven
“When I was in the group Wild Orchid, my mother sat me down and made me understand the importance of having a schedule, putting in the work and sticking to the schedule. She taught me to be realistic in how I set forth a calendar, and that would give me the greatest chance to reach my goals. It’s a lesson I still use to this day.” Fergie, singer and Avon Global Ambassador

Photo by Sebastian Marin

Savvy Saver
“My mom used to take half of my babysitting money and put it into a savings account so that I would have spending money when I left for college. The 50-percent rule no longer applies (I wish!), but socking away a portion of my earnings is something that I still do. It’s set up as an automatic transfer, so it’s like the money never even existed. Out of sight, out of mind kind of thing. It works!” Lara Ramos, blogger/founder, The Glossarie



Photo courtesy of Independent Awakening Foundation

Patience is Key
“My mother always told me that sometimes the circumstances that happen in our lives point us directly onto the path of the best things that will ever happen to us. This advice keeps me going whenever I hit a roadblock in my career. I reassess and realize that any detours or setbacks make me stronger.” Neeta Bhushanfounder, Independent Awakening Foundation; CEO, Global GRIT Institute



Photo by Chris New

Pretty Punctual
“My mom taught me to always be early—if you’re not early, you’re late. It helps me as a tool to escape anxiety, or that feeling of being stressed because you didn’t give yourself enough time. I’ll pad my time to get to a job, and if I’m early I’ll go get a coffee, make some calls in my car, or do an errand. I definitely got a good work ethic from my mom.” Lauren AndersenAvon Celebrity Makeup Artist



Photo by Berman Fenelus

The Power of No
“As simple as it may sound, the best lesson my mom has taught me—personally and professionally—is the beauty of saying ‘no’ to things that are taking up time but not adding much value. I now know that this one little word, if applied properly, can bring me peace, health and happiness. Every time I say ‘no’ to something that is not important, I am saying ‘yes’ to something that is.” Renae Bluitt, entrepreneur/editor/PR maven, In Her Shoes

Photo by Josh Reaver

Word Is Bond
“When I was young, I loved to watch my mother apply her makeup (she taught me how to do eyebrows). In addition to beauty tips, my mother taught me the importance of staying true to my word and being responsible. I was taught you are as only as good as who you are and whom you associate yourself with. I’m very conscious of always keeping my integrity. All good things take time and patience,and if you take shortcuts you are only cheating yourself. Plus, most of the great experiences in life are in the process of trying to achieve your goals.” Julie Tussey, Beauty and Eyebrow Expert

Photo courtesy of Evelyn Lugo


Secret Keeper
“My mom always told me (as did my grandmother) that the most important things for business are to be reliable and credible. My grandmother was a businesswoman both in the Dominican Republic and in the U.S., and she always stressed the importance of never giving away any of your trade secrets—that’s what makes your specialty special! I applied that teaching to my blogging and editing life today. Evelyn Lugo, editor, Ev The Curl Gurl

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