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Social Media Tips

Social Media Tips

We’ll keep it short and sweet for our social media podcast — we’re sharing 4 social media tips for businesses this week. Scott Kramer, creative professional and CEO of social-selling agency Multibrain, chats with host Evy DeAngelis about how businesses can push the boundaries of what’s possible (hint: it’s about keeping it real and is a lot easier than you think). 

EVY: How do you make an impact with social media?

SCOTT: It’s about being real, being organic, being yourself. I try to teach that and practice what I preach. I always talk about your personal journey. What sets you apart? What’s going away is creating the perfect persona. Social is ingrained in everything we do — it’s about keeping it simple and keeping it connected. Just posting something is not going to make you successful. You post, follow up and engage in conversation. I’ve always likened it to being at a cocktail party. How would you behave at a cocktail party? If you walked up to a group of ten people, would you launch into a sales pitch? No.

EVY: What inspires me is your authenticity. That’s how you get people to engage with you. How did you make things happen in your life that you wouldn’t think would have happened otherwise?

SCOTT: The reason I became an entrepreneur is that I was in media and helping launch the first website and I wanted to move quickly and do cool things and my boss at the time said, “Scott, take baby steps.” I said, “this isn’t for me and I want out,” and that’s when I became an entrepreneur. I like to move fast; I like to disrupt and challenge the system. What I realized with technology is that training and educating a normal person to use it is a wonderful and inspiring responsibility just because you can bring someone up to speed because people are fearful of technology. The reality is that technology is here to make our lives simpler. It’s allowing people to be comfortable with change and what is being offered is a simpler way to do things.

EVY: What are your favorite trends on social right now?

SCOTT: My favorite trend right now is video, video, video. Video with Facebook Live and Periscope — everybody has a show. Everybody is entertaining. It’s fun to watch that trend grow and it helps make that trend real. The reality is what works best is the amateur approach. The other trend that I think is wonderful is this idea of giving back. What can you do to make someone smile? To make someone’s day better?

EVY: How do you help business owners add value and help them find a bigger purpose to give back to people?

SCOTT: It’s providing the solution, so in this case if it’s makeup, it’s about making someone feel beautiful. Making someone feel great for the night. Skip the “buy this product that’ll look great on you,” and get to the solution of “how did that make you feel when you wore that outfit or put on that piece of jewelry?”

Click HERE  to download the entire episode!

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