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Lucy Hale's 27 Biggest Lessons On Her 27th Birthday

Lucy Hale's 27 Biggest Lessons On Her 27th Birthday


Take one look at Lucy Hale‘s reign on earth thus far and it’s clear that the actress and singer deserves a serious celebration (birthday or not). From pursuing her passions to standing up for women everywhere, the mark. Ambassador embodies the Beauty for a Purpose message.

In celebration of the coffee-drinking, dog-loving star’s big day, she answered 27 of our most pressing questions.

1. You’re always changing up your look. What led you to embrace the occasional transformation?
I love a little tweak or change. It keeps me excited and on my toes. I have a little bit of beauty attention deficit, so I’m evolving.

2. If you were stranded on a desert island, what beauty product would you bring?
Lip balm. It’s the ultimate beauty product, you can basically use it for everything.

3. What’s your biggest beauty indulgence?
I get a few facials a month, which can add up, but they keep my skin feeling and looking its best.

4. You’ve said you’re low-maintenance in your daily beauty routine. What prompted that approach?
What I mean by that is that I don’t spend hours on my hair and makeup. I usually let my hair air dry and typically have clean skin. Just a little concealer where needed, mascara, and lip balm!

5. Long hair or short hair, brunette or blonde—which do you like better on yourself?
It’s hard to choose because I feel that they are all parts of my personality. I’m definitely a brunette at heart, but blonde has been fun. I will say that cutting my hair off gave me a new sense of freedom and confidence.

6. What beauty product do you turn to when you need an instant confidence boost?
A hydrating lotion. It instantly freshens you up and protects your skin.

7. What’s the best thing about being a beauty hoarder?
You always have products on hand for any occasion! And they are pretty to look at, too.

8. What’s one beauty blunder from your past that you’d never want to repeat?
Bad brows! When I was younger I was self-conscious about my bold brows and over-plucked them. They were like parenthesis brows!

9. What passion project would you like to tackle next?
I’ve been working alongside SmileTrain recently and am looking forward to traveling globally with them. Other than new acting roles, I have a few ideas brewing in my head.

10. What are your thoughts on being called a role model?
It’s very flattering. I don’t think I’m a stereotypical role model though. I make mistakes, I’ve had some personal struggles, but I always try to keep it real. I’m happy that my stories or outlook on life is viewed as inspiring.

11. What advice would you give to your younger self?
Relax and live in the moment. Don’t worry so much.

12. What’s the most “adult” thing you do in your everyday life?
Waking up at 7 a.m. for a spin class or brewing a cup of coffee and sitting on my balcony.

13. Hailing from Memphis, what is something about you that’s inherently Southern?
I will never not say “y’all”. I also have a habit of waving to people from my car when I drive—definitely a Southern thing that people out in California don’t quite get.

14. If you were to write an autobiographical country song, what would the title be?
It actually has already been written and was on my last album. It’s called “Nervous Girls“. I relate to that song a lot.

15. What was your most empowering moment of the past year?
Cutting off my hair. I can’t really explain it, but I finally felt like I had come into my own.

16. Tell us something we don’t know about your long-term love affair—with coffee.
I like my coffee very sweet. I never met a coffee creamer I didn’t like!

17. You’ve said that young girls should embrace their quirks more. What in your own life has taught you that?
My brows! When I was younger I actually didn’t like having such bold brows. Now I feel like it’s what makes me different.

18. Who has been your biggest cheerleader?
It sounds cliché, but my Mom! She’s always been my biggest supporter in my career and my life.

19. What mark. products are the mainstays of your makeup bag?
Touch & Glow All Over Shimmer Cubes and Lipclick Matte Lipstick in Vixen.

20. If you could develop your dream mark. product, what would it be?
I’ve become a bold lip girl recently, so I’d love to create my own custom lip shade.

21. Your brows are almost as famous as you are. How do you feel about having a signature feature?
I love that my brows are what makes me different. Buzzfeed once did a story about how I am more than my eyebrows, which I thought was hilarious.

22. What beauty look are you most looking forward to trying in your 27th year?
I’m already thinking about my next hair change. I’d love to try a color like blue or purple, but it would have to be when I’m on hiatus from Pretty Little Liars.

23. What’s the most eye-opening aspect of working with m.powerment?
Before I started working with m.powerment by mark. I didn’t know how many young women were affected by dating abuse and partner violence because it isn’t a topic that is talked about a lot. It’s a topic I’m glad I can talk about with my fans to let them know that help is out there.

24. What scares or excites you the most about ending on a popular, long-running TV show?
I love the show and I love playing Aria. I’ve literally grown up on the show and with the cast and crew, so it will be sad whenever we do end. As an actress I’m excited to have the opportunity to take on new roles and maybe do things people aren’t expecting. I love a good challenge.

25. What would you most like to accomplish before your next birthday?
Travel to at least one of the places on my bucket list, start album No. 2, get another tattoo, and find a new hobby.

26. What’s your favorite birthday treat?
Icing off the cake.

27. Where will we find you on June 14?
Surrounded by my close friends and family!

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