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Inside Avon: Meet Our Marketing Director of Color

Inside Avon: Meet Our Marketing Director of Color

In the latest installment of our interview series, we meet another inspiring team member who’s giving us an insider look at her dynamic 17-year Avon journey.

Name: Eva Lau

Role: Marketing Director of Color

Eva grew up watching her mother apply makeup—she always rocked a bold brow, eye liner and lipstick. This inspired Eva to experiment with different makeup looks at a young age.

“It was a way for me to feel more confident in my own skin,” she explains.

Eva’s enthusiasm for beauty and her love of marketing has led to a long career with Avon. We spoke with Eva about her journey from starting in the legal and fashion departments to landing her current role overseeing Avon’s makeup launches.

Looking to further her knowledge about how brands work, Eva majored in Marketing Management at Baruch College. One of her classmates approached her about an internship at Avon and her journey began from there.

She started as an intern in Avon’s Legal department, supporting the Director of Government Affairs. Her job was to research different laws passed that might impact the business. In this position, Eva also had the opportunity to speak with shareholders and CEOs in the beauty industry. While she enjoyed this experience, she ultimately wanted a more creative role within Avon.

Soon after, a Marketing Coordinator position opened up in Avon’s jewelry and watches department. Eva took on this role, helping with product brainstorms, managing and proofreading documents, and keeping the office organized, among other things. A few years later, Eva transitioned into a merchandising role with a focus on managing costs, sales data and recording analytics.

After working in the Jewelry department and the Fashion department for several years, Eva decided that she needed a change. She was approached to help with a pilot program for Avon Canada and decided to take the leap and move to Montreal to serve as a campaign planner. This role involved helping restructure the business to better align with Avon North America in terms of campaigns, sales and the Representative experience. She also implemented marketing and merchandising strategies through Representative and consumer lenses.

Two years later, Eva returned to the U.S. and started a new role at Avon North America as a Merchandising Manager. She oversaw product strategy and planning processes in the skin care, personal care and hair care categories, collaborating with a variety of departments—Marketing, Supply Chain, Forecasting, Creative and Digital.

Eva has since worked her way up to become the Marketing Director of Color, a role in which she develops the best products possible in the makeup sector. She helps manage everything from pricing and promotion to conceptualizing creative visuals.

“As a marketing director our role is very unique now,” she explains. Eva’s role requires her to wear many hats, and she says that applying her prior knowledge and experience helps her work smarter and more creatively. Her favorite part of the role is being able to look at everything from a 360-degree perspective and constantly thinking outside the box for ideas.

Eva has worked at Avon for 17 years and says the people are one of her favorite aspects. She describes her Avon colleagues as “friendly, humble, and always open to new ideas.”

“A big part of it is loving the company and the environment you’re in and the people you work with,” she says. “The people are really what make up the company.”

More than anything, Eva is grateful to work in Avon’s ever-changing makeup category since it’s allowed her to rediscover one of her biggest passions from girlhood—beauty. Her favorite Avon beauty product is Avon True Color Glimmersticks Eye Liner!

“I never thought I would fall in love with beauty the way I do now,” she notes. 

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