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Dive into Japanese Skin Care with Mission Luxereve

Dive into Japanese Skin Care with Mission Luxereve

Japanese skin care has recently become a buzzy trend in beauty—but what is it? Similar to the Korean beauty regimen, which involves moisturizing with antioxidant-infused products, the Japanese skin care routine focuses on using extensive moisturizing and anti-aging formulas. Here at Avon, we recently launched Mission Luxereve, a line of luxurious Japanese skin care designed to reveal a remarkably youthful look. 

Mission Luxereve formulas are made with special fermentation technologies derived from natural ingredients. Fermentation breaks down molecules into smaller sizes, so skin can more easily absorb the beneficial ingredients. The fermented ingredients that comprise each formula are cytoferm and wineferm.

Cytoferm combines 86 medicinal plants, harvested over four seasons for peak potency and fermented for another year to achieve maximum efficacy and help promote the look of smooth, radiant skin. Wineferm, or wine extract from naturally fermented grapes, has a higher content of polyphenols than natural grapes and is rich in antioxidants to keep skin looking healthy.

Check out the Mission Luxereve regimen.

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Essences are liquid hydrators that help penetrate products into your skin. An essence is an essential step in any Japanese skin care routine.

Infuse skin with deep hydration while prepping it for the Mission Luxereve routine with Mission Luxereve Essence, which enhances the regimen’s rejuvenating power and smooths skin. As the light and luxurious formula glides onto skin, the essence’s special fermentation complex delivers concentrated, lasting moisture. Try the essence (and the full regimen!) with Mission Luxereve Essence Set, complete with a full-size essence and a try-it-size serum and cream.

Follow with Mission Luxereve Serum, a deluxe regenerating serum formulated to help boost skin’s elasticity and firmness for a smoother appearance. This high-performance facial serum will help you reveal the remarkably youthful look you’ve always dreamed of.   

Complete the skin care routine with an indulgent moisturizing cream. Enriched with luxurious oils and other moisturizing formulas, Mission Luxereve Cream helps skin look smoother, firmer and radiantly healthy for a more youthful, sculpted appearance.

Layering your skin care formulas and allowing your skin to absorb each one is integral to the Japanese skin care regimen. The Mission Luxereve routine takes time, but will ultimately help your skin look more youthful and radiant.

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