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Why You Should Find a Representative: Reps Are Beauty Experts

Why You Should Find a Representative: Reps Are Beauty Experts

Representatives are a large part of what makes Avon, Avon—they uphold our mission to celebrate women’s power to make a beautiful and positive impact in the world by staying in the know, spreading the word about Avon and tailoring the shopping experience for their customers. Reps attend training events on the latest products, test out products for themselves, and share products on social media as a marketing tool to help boost sales. Reps work hard so their customers don’t have to, and use their knowledge and skills to create a personalized shopping experience for each customer. Reps are the ultimate beauty experts.

Find a Representative

When you shop with a Rep, it’s like shopping with a friend who always has a discount. You get exclusive savings on every product, so it’s like everything is on sale, all the time.

Cindy P. shops with her Representative, Sylvia, because she always delivers outstanding customer service. Sylvia shares her passion for beauty with her customers by giving out free samples with every order. She also exercises transparency and will not recommends a product unless she genuinely believes the customer will like it.

“I always receive my order promptly and with no mistakes,” Cindy says. “She enjoys giving little freebies and samples with every order. She speaks honestly about the products and never recommends something just to make a sale.  She is excellent at remembering what products I use and will alert me to sales on those products, as well as give me her honest opinion... I’m a former Representative myself, so I know it’s not easy to do as great a job as she does!”

Avon Reps make sure their customers are always in the know by keeping them up-to-date on the latest offers and perks. Reps also keep track of any waitlist items to ensure their customers receive the products they want as soon as possible.

Virginia J. used to buy her beauty products from luxury brands at department stores. She never thought about trying Avon products until she met her Representative, Chantel. 

“I decided to try a couple of things in order to support her business,” she explains. “I'm so glad I did. Chantel is so knowledgeable and helpful. I never received the same level of service from anyone at a department store.”

Virginia remains a loyal shopper with Avon Representative Chantel because she stays on top of the latest products and offers and keeps her customers informed. She’s also always open to chat about products if customers have questions.

“She encourages questions and provides answers,” Virginia says. “If she's confronted with a question that she doesn't know the answer to, she gets the information in a timely manner. She's wonderful about giving suggestions for the right product for each client…After decades of using only department store products, I have switched my entire beauty regime to Avon. The products are great, but without the personalized assistance I receive from Chantel, I would have never made the switch.”

Avon Representatives get the first details on the latest products, so you don’t have to. We offer countless beauty and skin care products for every skin tone and type, and Reps are here to narrow down which ones you should add to your regimen based on your wants and needs.

Like many of us, Nazneen M. used to struggle with blemish-prone skin. Then she found her Representative, Keshia, who had similar experiences in the past. Keshia recommended several Avon skin care products, and these skin saviors have helped Nazneen improve both her skin and her confidence.

“She has answered a million of my questions and would also research more about my skin type,” Nazneen says. “Keshia has helped me a lot to get comfortable with my own skin. I think she is an amazing woman who balances so many things. She is very hard-working and a very good-natured person. She finds happiness in helping people.”

Georgiana, who’s been an Avon Representative for more than 15 years, loves to experiment with our different makeup products—lately, she’s enjoyed creating looks with the fmg Glimmer collection.

“I like to use the Gel Eyeshadow as a base, blend the Eyeshadow Quads on top for a color transition, then tie it all together with the Gel Eye Liner for a bold wing,” she said. “And the Satin Lipstick is so moisturizing it feels more like pigmented lip balm!”

Reps like Georgiana use their passion for beauty to help customers find their perfect shade and make life beautiful.

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