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Why You Should Shop with an Avon Representative: Representatives Are Like Friends

Why You Should Shop with an Avon Representative: Representatives Are Like Friends

In 1886, David McConnell, a travelling salesman, was selling books and perfume door to door, when he realized that women not only loved the products, but that they were also great at networking. He then began to recruit women to help sell fragrances to other women, and the Avon Representative was born. Representatives continue to be at the heart of Avon’s direct selling today. When shopping with an Avon Representative, you’ll be sure to get the best offers available!

Find an Avon Representative!

Shopping with an Avon Representative is like getting style advice from your most fashionable friend. Select a Representative whose selling style you like, and he or she will cater to your beauty needs. Representatives get to know YOU and what you like and recommend the latest and greatest products that they know you’ll love. Our representatives are always one step ahead, predicting what you might like next and finding beauty products you didn’t know you needed.

JoAnn M. enjoys shopping with her Representative, Jackie, because she treats customer relationships like friendships. Jackie maintains ongoing conversations with her customers to engage them and keep them informed about the latest launches. She also personally delivers products and brochures—which has become less and less common in today’s digital age—and JoAnn always looks forward to these visits.

“Though Jackie has sold Avon for many decades, she doesn’t just pass out books or wait for customers to order online,” JoAnn says. “She also stays in touch with them through calls and texts. As she delivers brochures and products to her customers’ homes, she spends quality time with them as she also shares new product info. Jackie is a special friend to all her customers, not just their Avon Representative. She is fully committed to her customers as well as to her Avon business.”

Some Representatives are like that best friend who always texts you right back. Charlynn H.loves shopping with her Representative because she doesn’t treat the shopping experience like a business transaction and makes herself available to chat at any time. She also takes time to scour the site for hard-to-find Avon products whenever needed.

“My Rep makes me feel like I am a friend and not just someone that is going to make her money,” Charlynn says. “She is always ready to answer my questions no matter the time of day. She is willing to try to find stuff that I had before many years ago.”

Your Representative should be someone you are proud to shop with. Just as the Representative gets to know you and your beauty needs, you get to know their personality and values through how they run their Avon store. Melissa A. shops with her Representative, Whitney because she is a cheerleader for women and inspires her on her own path to entrepreneurship.

“Whitney is one of the most caring and inspiring people that I know,” Melissa says. “She is very supportive of other female entrepreneurs including me. Whitney has created a blog to share with and educate her customers and friends. She does not just sell Avon she establishes relationships with her customers. We have never met and I consider her a great friend!”

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