About Fund-raising

Frequently asked questions

Q: What kind of profit can our organization expect?
A: Depending on the total sale, an organization can receive up to 40% of what it sells. This would leave you with 10% earnings. For example, if 20 participants each sell $15 in Avon products to 10 people, total sales would equal $3,000, of which the organization would earn $1,200 and you would earn $150. (See the Earnings Opportunity Chart on page 8 to see the different earnings levels you can offer organizations and what your profit would be.)

Q: Why can some fund-raising companies offer us 50%?
A: A company can offer 50% when it is charging a premium for its products. For example, if you have ever bought frozen pizza or cheesecakes as a fund-raiser, you know that they were more expensive than if purchased at a store. Even candy bars sell for $1 each. With Avon, you are offering high-quality products that are priced competitively with similar products at retail. Most fund-raising companies offer up to 40%. Others offer much less! T-shirt sales, for example, often offer only 20%.

Q: Can I conduct a fund-raiser using the full brochure?
A: Yes, but it is not recommended. All products featured in the special Fund-raising Flyers can be ordered at the fund-raiser site at www.yourAVON.com. Product availability and ontime shipping are guaranteed. This is possible because each item is assigned a unique product number for tracking.

Q: How can we know that an Avon Fund-Raiser will be as successful as fund-raisers we have had in the past?
A: All types of organizations, from religious institutions and schools to daycare centers and sports leagues, have used Avon Fund-Raisers successfully to raise the money they need. They have found that the brand-name recognition, the Avon Guarantee and the fact that Avon has high-quality products for the entire family, make for an extremely successful fund-raiser.

If you have already held a successful Avon Fund-Raiser, say: “The [name of organization] held an Avon Fund-Raiser last [date] and sold [total sales]. I would be happy to give you the name and phone number of the person I worked with on that fund-raiser.”

If this is your first Avon Fund-Raiser, say: “My District Sales Manager can also provide you with the names of organizations in our area that have held successful Avon Fund-Raisers.” Tip: Before you call, ask your District Sales Manager for the name of a successful Avon Fund-Raiser in the area so you have a testimonial you can share.

Q: We’ve planned our fund-raiser for this year. How can you help me?
A: Congratulations on being so organized! I hope you will let me help you plan your next fund-raiser.