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Place orders by 11:59 PM ET/8:59 PM PT on the closing day to count as an order for that campaign. Orders will ship within 2 business days.

Destination Avon - Sail Away

For All Representatives (U.S. & Canada)
Campaign 21, 2023 – Campaign 16, 2024
(October 10, 2023 through August 13, 2024)

All aboard! Get your passports ready, and plan to set sail in 2024! Earn a 4-day all-expenses-paid luxury Celebrity Reflection Cruise from Florida to the Bahamas (with roundtrip airfare, exclusive swag and more!) when you hit your sales increase goal based off your personal sales from the prior year, Campaign 25, 2022 – Campaign 18, 2023.

Shine & Strive Incentive

For All Representatives
Campaigns 21-26, 2023
(October 11-January 2, 2024)

The holidays arrived early and you've got two new ways to score free products! Get a free product drop in your shipment in Campaigns 21-26 when you place your first qualifying campaign orders. And earn a $100 digital coupon code when you place orders of $100 or more in 6 consecutive campaigns! Redeem your digital coupon code in C1 or C2, 2024.

New Representative Allocation 2022

For All Leaders
Campaigns 19-28, 2022 (August 17-January 3, 2023)

New for all Bronze Ambassadors and above! Get rewarded for converting New Representatives to a $100 qualifying order in their first or second campaign. Earn up to 5 newly contracted Representatives for every personally sourced recruit with a qualifying order, and up to 2 newly contracted Representatives for every company-sourced recruit with a qualifying order. 


Our recruiting incentives reward you as you share the power of the Avon opportunity, build your team and boost your earnings. Invite friends to sign up with a contribution of as little as $5 to our partner the American Cancer Society* or they can choose our incredible starter collection packed with best sellers. Get details. Post and share our new “Life with Avon” video (just 90 seconds!) and give friends and family a fun look at how they can start earning more!


2023 Compensation Guide

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