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Place orders by 11:59 PM ET/8:59 PM PT on the closing day to count as an order for that campaign. Orders will ship within 2 business days.

New Dash for Cash Incentive

For All Representatives
Campaigns 8-11, 2023
(April 12 through June 6)

Earn cash bonuses when you reach your incentive sales goal or for every $600 in Award Sales! Whether you’re a top seller or brand-new to Avon, this incentive is for Representatives at all levels — everyone can earn! Representatives with Award Sales of $522 or more from Campaigns 3 through 6, 2023: Beat your C3-6 sales by 15% and earn your bonus of $25 up to $500 in cash. Plus earn additional $25 bonuses for every $600 in incremental sales above your goal! Representatives with Award Sales of less than $522 in C3-6, 2023, and New Representatives: You can earn a $25 cash bonus for every $600 in Award Sales!

New Representative Allocation 2022

For All Leaders
Campaigns 19-28, 2022 (August 17-January 3, 2023)

New for all Bronze Ambassadors and above! Get rewarded for converting New Representatives to a $100 qualifying order in their first or second campaign. Earn up to 5 newly contracted Representatives for every personally sourced recruit with a qualifying order, and up to 2 newly contracted Representatives for every company-sourced recruit with a qualifying order. 


Our recruiting incentives reward you as you share the power of the Avon opportunity, build your team and boost your earnings. Invite friends to sign up with a contribution of as little as $5 to our partner the American Cancer Society* or they can choose our incredible starter collection packed with best sellers. Get details. Post and share our new “Life with Avon” video (just 90 seconds!) and give friends and family a fun look at how they can start earning more!


2023 Compensation Guide

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