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It’s All Good:
Benefits of an Avon Fundraiser
Help Your Community

Partner with a local organization to sell Avon products and donate a portion of your earnings on their sales.

Boost Your Business

Increase your Award Sales and earnings level. Expand networking opportunities for new customers and potential recruits.


It’s completely free! No need to purchase inventory, plus you earn commission on sales.

Before You Register

STEP 1: Find Potential Partners

Make a list of organizations in your community that could benefit from an easy Avon fundraiser: Schools, teams, etc. Their participants will sell Avon products and you’ll donate a portion of your earnings on their sales back to the organization.

STEP 2: Reach Out

STEP 3: Nail Down the Details

Work with the fundraiser chairperson to decide on the fundraiser start and end dates, what they're raising money for and their dollar goal.

Select a Fundraising Option: Online or Printed Flyers


With all fundraisers, you get the total Award Sales and decide the percentage that will go to the organization from your earnings based on your commissions level.


  • Get a unique link to your online store to share. Organization supporters can shop all our Direct Delivery products.
  • Set up for 60 days with option to extend by another two weeks.
  • Orders are shipped directly to the customer. Customers pay sales tax and any shipping fees.
  • Register and track your fundraiser online.


  • Participants sell from printed flyers of specific offers, you place the order on
  • No time limit, as long as the flyer is not expired.
  • Deliver the products to the organization. Customers pay any sales tax and shipping fees.
  • Fundraiser sales can be tax exempt if the organization qualifies with required documentation.
  • Call the Avon Care Center at (866) 513-2866 to register your flyer fundraiser.
Success Stories

Online fundraisers must be registered with our online form.

To register your flyer fundraiser, please call the Avon Care Center at (866) 513-2866.

An online fundraiser can be set up for 60 days. If the organization is working hard but needs more time to hit their goal, you can extend their fundraiser for an additional 2 weeks. Be sure to extend the fundraiser before the original end date, on the Registration page.

For a printed flyer fundraiser there is no time limit. However, each flyer has a campaign end date, so be sure to place your order while the flyers you’re offering are still active.


You can offer a printed-flyer fundraiser and an online fundraiser in the same campaign to benefit an organization, but keep in mind these are distinct types of fundraisers, so earnings, product assortment and delivery methods will vary. You must register them separately and will have to calculate earnings from the flyers and the online sale separately to pay the organization its proceeds. Online registration and reporting is offered only for online fundraisers. To register your flyer fundraiser, please call the Avon Care Center at (866) 513-2866.

Absolutely! With an online fundraiser and the customized link to your online store, organizations will have access to all Direct Delivery products and real-time product availability.


New customers who shop your online store through the fundraiser link will be connected to you and added to your address book. Customers already connected to another Avon Representative can shop and check out with you to benefit the organization but will retain their previous Representative attachment following the fundraiser. You can add customers of a flyer fundraiser to your address book manually.


For online fundraisers, all orders placed on your online store on are Direct Delivery, shipped directly to the customer. Customers pay for shipping on orders under $60+. For orders over $60, you pay the shipping fees.

For flyer fundraisers, you place the order on and are responsible for delivering the products to the organization for distribution to their customers. Be sure to determine with the organization who will help with order and product sorting and packaging. Regular shipping fees apply to all flyer fundraiser orders.

Shipping fees will not be deducted from the tracker. The earnings total that will be shown on the fundraiser tracker is based only on how much you opted to donate in the dropdown on the online registration form.

This percentage is editable while the fundraiser is active in case you start to incur more $60+ shipping fees than you can afford at the level you originally opted to donate. Be sure to consider the shipping fees when you decide how much you can donate.

Customers have 45 days to return a product.

A Representative has 60 days to return a product. In the case of a printed flyer fundraiser, because the Representative placed the order on behalf of the customer, the Representative would make the return. Once the return is processed, earnings and Award Sales are removed from the Representative account.

Online fundraiser returns should be returned by the customer to Avon. As with all other returned Direct Delivery orders, earnings and Award Sales are removed from the Representative’s account once the return is processed.


You decide what percentage will go to the organization from your earnings on sales they generate.

Before committing a specific percentage of sales to the organization and on the online fundraising set-up form, check your sales title level on the My Dashboard section of your homepage, then view the earnings you’re qualified for on the Commissions Chart. Also remember that for any orders over $60 you will pay the shipping fees.

Be careful not to overextend yourself beyond the percentages you’re entitled to based on your sales title level. Contender commissions begin on orders of $40+ and are 25% on Beauty (including Makeup, Skin Care, Bath & Body, Fragrance, Jewelry and Health & Wellness) and 20% on Fashion and Home. Premier Sales Level commissions are 30% on Beauty and 20% on Fashion and Home with no campaign minimum. PRP commissions range from 40 to 50% on Beauty and are 25% on Fashion and Home with no campaign minimum. Be clear with the organization on what constitutes Beauty versus Fashion & Home and what percentage of sales you can offer them on each.

Although you can set up an online fundraiser for as long as 60 days, consider keeping it to a single campaign to maximize that campaign’s sales and therefore your potential earnings. Flyer fundraisers close out in the campaign you submit the order.

You are responsible for paying the organization from your earnings on their fundraiser. Be sure to schedule a date to present the organization with their earnings check. If you’re hosting an online fundraiser and the organization’s earnings result in a credit balance of $5 or more, the earnings will be paid to your Avon Wallet account the next business day. Earnings of less than $5 will be deposited in the next quarter. You can see more info on our Payments FAQs.

Customers who shop through your fundraiser link pay for their purchases directly on, as they would with any other Direct Delivery online order. Your earnings will be reflected once the order is shipped.


Please consult an income tax professional for more information.

To protect our Avon Representatives, as well as New Avon Company, two (2) documents are required for a Registered Fundraiser Tax Exemption request:

(1) A a letter on organization letterhead: The letter must be signed by an “officer” or “head” of the organization, with title, providing the organization Federal Tax ID Number and stating that it is a Qualified Exempt Organization under 501(c)3 of the Internal Revenue Code and intends to participate in a fundraising event. This letter must state the Organization’s intent to have participants actively sell Avon products to raise funds, the Chairperson’s full name, address, phone number, and email address must also be referenced, as well as the time frame they commit to hosting the fundraising event!

(2) A properly executed and signed state tax-exemption certificate (obtainable by the organization from the state and completed by the organization).

Both documents are necessary in order to process the fundraising order as tax-exempt. We appreciate your support in securing these documents. You can direct the Organization to their local State Department of Taxation for clarification.

Customers of online fundraisers are subject to standard sales tax regardless of the organization’s status.

Yes, a letter on organization letterhead, as described in the previous question, as well as a properly executed and signed state tax-exemption certificate has to be submitted for each fundraiser. Please make sure that your paperwork is up to date and email it to the Fundraiser Desk at