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What is Hair Bonding Treatment?


Aug 11, 2022
Are you trying to figure out how to treat damaged hair, dry hair, or frizzy hair? If your hair has been chemically processed or recently exposed to environmental factors such as sun exposure or air pollution, then your tresses may be in need of a hair bonding treatment. Using a replenishing keratin and plant-based bonding agent will help rebuild, revive and protect your hair.

A bonding hair treatment works deep within the hair shaft to repair broken and damaged bonds to restore hair to a healthier state. It rebuilds bonds and increases moisture and elasticity, helping to shield damaged, dry, or fragile hair strands against further damage and breakage from heat, color, mechanical, and/or chemical processes.

Bonding Agents Hair Benefits:
- Naturally derived from plants
- Repairs and rebuilds damaged or broken bonds
- Strengthens and revives hair to a healthier state

Keratin helps replenishes and protects your hair’s natural keratin protein, while dramatically improving the elastically and preventing future breakage while adding intense hydration that restores softness and shine.

Keratin Hair Benefits:

- Adds shine and elasticity
- Helps prevents future damage and breakage
- Promotes healthier hair

The CHI Essentials Revive Keratin + Bonding Collection is formulated with a naturally derived bonding agent, an alternative to bonding products that are made using synthetic chemistry. Avon’s CHI Essentials Revive Keratin + Bonding Collection contains a plant-based bonding agent, which is made using glucose chemistry. It is then combined with keratin to repair, rebuild and strengthen for the ultimate bonding system.

The trio system helps to ensure hair’s health between services using natural bond builders, keratin, and intense moisture to maintain manageability, softness, smoothness, strength and shine, helping to achieve luxurious and shiny hair.

Designed as an at-home treatment, the CHI Essentials Revive Keratin + Bonding Care Collection is for anyone that is in need of extra protection from heat, color, mechanical, and/or chemical processes.
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