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A Century of Lipstick Love

Lipstick is the ultimate beauty essential. Its long history spans from 4000 BCE, when it was believed to be made from crushed gemstones, to present day with a beautiful range of shades, ingredients and finishes.


Avon first introduced lipstick in 1919, which came in two shades—light and dark. Back then, it was popular to apply it to emphasize the Cupid’s bow. Through the decades, we increased our offering to include more shades, alluring product names and colorful packaging. Our innovative lip products now range from traditional nourishing formulas to new innovations including an anti-aging Bio-Retinol core (the first of its kind in the U.S.).


Today, Avon sells countless shades to suit every lipstick persona and skin tone. Celebrate a century of lipstick love by throwing on a favorite shade the next time you step out the door!